December 31, 2008

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December 31, 2008

re: ILR Show Division Specifics

Dear ILR Llama Owners,

Since our last email announcing the formation of a Show Division within the ILR, we have had a number of questions regarding dues, donations, ILR sanction requirements, ILR show formats and the “grandfathering” of already earned points and awards. Some of the answers to the above questions are given in the following information.

Dues (This will be available online down the road, for now contact the ILR office via e-mail or phone):

            Current ILR Members

$35 for ILR Show Division (2 adults)

$10 for ILR Show Division for additional people in family

$10 for ILR Show Division for Youth

Non-ILR Members

$50 for ILR Show Division only (2 adults)

            $10 for ILR Show Division for additional people in family

            $10 for ILR Show Division for Youth

$1,000 for lifetime membership in ILR Show Division (available until March 31, 2009) 


Because no Registry funds will be used to finance the Show Division, we have an immediate need for donations to pay for the set-up costs and programming required by the formation of the ILR Show Division. For those of you who committed funds contingent on the ILR Board actually proceeding with the Show Division, we could use those funds now or as soon as you are able to send them. To any others out there who would like to help, our mailbox is open!

“Thank You” to those of you who have already responded with donations. Anyone whose donation is $1,000 or more will automatically receive a Lifetime Membership in the ILR Show Division. If your donation was less than $1,000 but you would like to take advantage of the Lifetime Membership offering, simply send another donation so the total is $1,000 or more and let us know that you would like to have a Lifetime Membership.

All donations to the ILR Show Division are being earmarked for exclusive use by the ILR Show Division. The ILR Board and the Finance and Development Committee (which will oversee the finances of the ILR Show Division) once it is formed, will receive a monthly accounting of Show Division expenditures.

ILR Sanctioning:

The ILR is currently sanctioning shows. If you are interested in having your show sanctioned, contact the ILR office. As long as the sanctioning requirements given below are met, the ILR has no objection to an ILR Show being held in conjunction with a show sanctioned by other show associations.

The ILR believes that there is room for improvement in the show world for shows that are both more fun for the participants and more interesting to the spectators. The ILR believes that the necessary innovations for these “improvements” in the show world will develop more quickly from a “bottom-up” approach than from a “dictate-down” scenario. Consequently, ILR sanctioning rules will be as simple as possible. For 2009, ILR sanctioning will consist of two requirements:

1)    Judges must be ILR approved. A current list of judges is being compiled and will be available from the ILR office upon request. The list will also be available online at the ILR web site in the near future. If you are interested in becoming an ILR judge, contact the ILR office with your request. Judges must be ILR Show Division members.

2)    Sanctioning fees must be paid. For shows that use the ILR ShowManager, the sanctioning fees will consist of the $50 setup fee per event and $1 per llama per show. If you don’t use the ILR ShowManager, the ILR office staff will have to do additional work and data entry. In those cases, the sanctioning fees will consist of the $50 setup fee per event and $2 per llama per show.

ILR Show Format:

Because the ILR is committed to stimulating creativity by show superintendents, show format rules will be as simple as possible. We recognize that different shows may want to emphasize different things and llama owners in different areas of the country may have different interests – one size does not fit all!

So, the ILR will give show superintendents the flexibility to offer any classes they wish to offer or to not offer. The ILR will track points in the classes that are offered according to the sex, age, fiber type and so on. Superintendents will have the option to combine or split age and wool divisions in classes in any way necessary to accommodate the awarding of points. Points will be awarded on a sliding scale based on the sex and age of the llama and the size of the class. The exact formula for awarding points will be made available in the near future.

Similarly, the ILR will give show superintendents the flexibility to offer any awards they wish. They can offer ribbons, ILR placing certificates, premium money, a combination of those, and/or anything else they believe will encourage llama owners to participate in their show.

The ILR believes that leaving as many decisions to the local show superintendents and local show committees will allow maximum creativity and innovation at llama shows. The good ideas will be picked up by other llama shows and spread while the not-so-good ideas will disappear.

Llamas must be ILR registered to participate in halter or performance. There will be no additional fees required for an animal to participate in the Show Division other than the fees charged by the shows. Youth performance animals do not need to be fully registered but must be entered in the ILR database so their points can be tracked. There will be a one-time $10 charge for entering these non-registered animals into the database. 

Previously Earned Achievements:

The ILR believes there is value to tracking as much information on individual llamas as possible, including participation and placings at shows, pack trials, and so on. Consequently, we are working on a web page on which the current owner can enter a llama’s Lifetime History of Achievement. Any achievements can be entered, regardless of the association and/or show from which they were earned. The Lifetime History of Achievement for any llama will be accessible by simply clicking a button on the llama’s animal record page.

The ILR also recognizes the cost and value of points earned at shows sanctioned by other show associations. However, after careful consideration, the Board was able to design a system of "grandfathering" in those points that they felt would be fair to everyone involved. The Board felt that allowing points earned in prior years from other show associations to count toward ILR Show Division awards would unfairly penalize llamas and llama owners who have placed high in non-sanctioned shows but have no record of “points” earned and so would have no way of getting credit for those prior achievements. The Board felt that since this is a new Show Division and a new awards system, the most equitable way to begin would be for everyone to start on the same date (January 1, 2009) and with the same number of points (0).

So, for now, the Board has decided to have everyone begin on a level playing field and to allow only points earned after January 1, 2009 in ILR sanctioned shows to count towards ILR Show Division awards. However, if the new Show Division committees can come up with an equitable way to include prior points, this decision could be reconsidered.

Placings and participation in non-ILR shows and activities will continue to be accepted into the Universal Awards Program (UAP) and into the Incentive Fund (IF). The UAP and IF will continue to be available to ALL ILR members, not just ILR Show Division members. And, as mentioned above, all achievements and awards received by an animal can be entered into their Lifetime History of Achievement (LHA).


The ILR Board has formed five committees to continue the formation of the ILR Show Division. Each committee will consist of six members, five of whom will initially be appointed by the ILR Board. The sixth member will be an ILR Board member. Each committee will elect their own chairperson. The chairperson cannot be the ILR board representative.

More details on the 2009 committee structure, governance and the appointees will be finalized by the ILR Board on a conference call on January 8, 2009. An email outlining their decisions will be sent on January 9. If you are interested in being considered for one of the following committees, send an email to with the committee(s) for which you would like to be considered. Obviously, only people who volunteer prior to that meeting can be considered.

The Committees and the ILR Board Representatives are: 

Finance and Development – Kathi McKinney

Rules – Mary Jo Miller

Performance – Karen Baum

Halter – Kristy Brown

Judges – Mark Smith

As always, the ILR Board is open to your input. Send your comments to

Have a very Happy and Llama-Filled New Year!


The ILR Board of Directors

Mark Smith, Mary Jo Miller, Kathi McKinney, Kristy Brown, Karen Baum

ALONE we struggle; TOGETHER we thrive!