March 30, 2009

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March 30
, 2009

Dear ILR Supporter,

Although sending a personal letter is preferable, it’s costly. Please excuse our more impersonal email and know that we are spending your money wisely.

The new ILR Show Division is off and running (view the results of the first two shows at !  In just three short months, through the generous support of many of you, the ILR-SD has raised 50% of its fundraising goal. As in any new venture, initial start-up capital is needed and the Show Division is no exception.  No funds will be taken from the Registry to support the Show Division. It is of paramount importance that we raise the balance of our financial goal in a timely manner so that the Show Division continues its growth. It is projected that after the initial start-up phase, the Show Division will be self-supporting through member and show fees. 

An ILR-SD Online Auction, coming soon,  will offer you the opportunity to bid on (and win!) some awfully fun, exciting and useful items and services. All proceeds go to the Show Division.  There are already a variety of items ranging from musical instruments to jewelry, rovings, rugs, blankets, gift certificates and artistic wood-working. Services include show packets, a full season program of fly control, a farm profile in a major industry publication, and a half-page color ad in another magazine.  These are just some of the listings you’ll find in the first auction!  In order to continue bringing the new and unusual to you, we need your help. Please take some time to find that one (or more) great item or service that you can donate to aid in the cause.  It doesn’t need to be llama-oriented; remember, if you would bid on something, so would someone else!  It is the goal of the ILR-SD Finance Committee to keep the auction as an on-going event until the goal is met and it can only be done with the continued excellent support of the llama community.   If you have any questions regarding the auction or to donate items, please contact:  Barb Baker at

And if you haven’t got that perfect item for the auction?  Your cash donations will always be welcome! You can donate easily through the ILR website or by sending a check, marked as “Show Division Donation” to the ILR office.  No matter how you choose to donate, your support is greatly appreciated and we thank-you in advance for that support ! 


ILR-SD Finance Committee


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