May 5, 2009

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Dear ILR and ILR-Show Division (ILR-SD) Members,


re: ILR-SD National Show


The volunteers working on the ILR-SD committees have put in countless hours developing the ILR-SD and we are nearing completion of the 2009 rules.  The ILR Board and the ILR-SD Governing Board sincerely appreciate the hard work and commitment of our committee members and the members at large who have contributed their opinion and comments as this new venture is developing. We are also busy planning ahead for 2010 in the ILR-SD with judging clinics, developing a youth judging format and a “Grand Prix” series of shows.


We have been presented with another opportunity in the ILR-SD – several members have expressed interest in the ILR-SD holding a national year end show for 2009 and one member even presented a proposal to the ILR-SD Governing Board to plan a national promotional event that would include a show.  The ILR-SD Governing Board reviewed the proposal at their April 21 meeting and approved the proposal in concept, meaning we approved fact finding regarding proposed location costs, contacting proposed corporate sponsors, and also, we requested additional information including a budget, projected costs and projected income and will review the information at the May ILR-SD Governing Board meeting.  If the proposed event is feasible financially and is projected to break even or preferably, generate a profit, then the ILR-SD will work towards an International Show Committee made up of qualified members to develop and administer this promotional event.


At this point in time, no contracts have been signed and no judges have been hired.  The ILR Board and the ILR-SD Governing Board understand and appreciate the enthusiasm some have expressed regarding a year end event, but we firmly believe a national event needs to be done in a professional manner that includes the standing ILR-SD committees, an International Show Committee and the commitment and support of the ILR-SD membership.  It had been our intention to obtain additional information regarding the feasibility of this event before releasing any details and announcing the possibility of the event.  It seems however that in the course of gathering information, the enthusiasm about a national event has led many to believe that this has already been approved and planned.  Again, no commitment has been made and we are still investigating the financial needs this type of event will demand and if the ILR-SD can support such an event in 2009. 


The unique and varied uses that llama ownership offers each of us seems to do more to separate us than bring us together as a community. The llama community has a long history of “drama” between different interest groups, but perhaps now is the time to look forward to a new venture in the llama community and not repeat the mistakes of our past that have divided our industry.  For the past four years, the ILR Board has invested time and capital into positioning the International Lama Registry for the future: streamlining office operations, increasing opportunities for advertising to all members, implementing on-line registration, educational conferences, the ILR-Universal Awards Program, the ILR-Incentive Fund and most recently, the ILR-Show Division.  We have always, and will continue to consider the wants and needs of all of our membership in our decisions, the financial stability of the registry, the well being of our employees, and most importantly, considering the impact of our decisions on the llama community as a whole.  We are responsible to ALL llama owners.


Please take a moment to think about what llama ownership has meant to you as an individual, how we can attract new people to share in our industry, and how we can move this industry forward in a positive manner that can benefit everyone.  Maybe we need to reflect the “herd animal” mentality of our llama companions in our dealings with the diverse interest of llama owners – it works for our four legged friends, let’s try to remember that in our dealings in this industry and strive for a strong llama community and industry.


As always, the ILR Board welcomes your comments, concerns, questions and thoughts about our present and future programs.  We are elected to serve our members, and consider our members in all of our decisions.  The board has our Face-to-Face meeting on June 29 to July 1, 2009 and will be discussing screening, finalizing 2008 and 2009 ILR-IF and ILR-UAP, discussing ILR-SD and many other topics.  Please contact the office or a board member if you would like to suggest topics for the board to consider.




     The ILR Board of Directors & Registrar


Mark Smith – President, Mary Jo Miller – Vice President, Kathi McKinney – Treasurer, Kristy Brown – Secretary, Karen Baum – Member at Large, and Jan Wassink – Registrar


International Lama Registry (ILR)

P.O. Box 8

Kalispell, MT 59903

(406) 755-3438; fax (406) 755-3439