September 2, 2009

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Important Announcement!!

How can you help raise funds for the ILR without it costing you any money?

Here’s how!


The ILR Board of Directors is thrilled to announce a new partnership between the ILR, ShopToEarn, and YOU!

ShopToEarn is a company based on the affiliate programs of many of the nation’s top retailers. Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Bass Pro Shops, Orbitz, Home Depot, Macys, Staples, and Toys R Us are the names of just a few of the participating companies whose names you may recognize. ShopToEarn has put together a web portal from which you can access these and over 1100 other businesses that will pay the ILR for referring you to their website to do your shopping. On top of that, there are many ‘earth friendly’ sites on the ShopToEarth side where you can purchase green and environmentally friendly products.

So, if you are willing to execute a couple of additional clicks of your mouse when you shop online, the ILR will receive 1% to 35% of the total of your purchases. The prices will not be affected because ShopToEarn is simply a web portal. You will actually be doing your shopping on the individual business’s own website. Coupon codes found online, from your shopping or provided by ShopToEarn can also be used for your personal savings.

For example, if you need to renew your Better Homes and Gardens subscription, you can go through the ILR’s ShopToEarn website to and order your subscription through their site. You will receive the same $14.97 subscription price you would normally pay to Better Homes and Gardens and the ILR will receive $5.24 for referring you to the site. Repeat the above scenario thousands of times for all the ink cartridges, office supplies, airline tickets, car rentals, hotel reservations, restaurant meals, diapers, clothes, shoes, books, home improvement materials, cleaning products, tools, music, electronics and so on that llama owners are already buying each year, and you can imagine the number of dollars that could be raised for the llama community if each of us is willing to think intentionally to shop online and to access online sites through the ILR’s ShopToEarn site.

You can start right now. Go to the link at the bottom of the page and check out the lineup of stores that are currently on the ILR’s ShopToEarn website. Over 300 stores have been added to the website since the first of the year so if your favorite store is not there now, keep checking, it may be soon. Be sure to do your online holiday shopping through the ILR site. 

We plan to include the link to the ILR’s ShopToEarn site on all of our electronic communications with llama owners. In addition, the link will soon be located on the home page of the ILR website.

The llama community has long realized the need for marketing and promotion of llamas. The perennial problem has been a lack of funds. Obviously, the current economic situation is not helping. The ILR Board of Directors has decided that 75% of the funds that come into the ILR through ShopToEarn will be put into a fund designated exclusively for the marketing and promotion of llamas to people who do not currently enjoy the pleasure of living with llamas.

The remaining 25% of the funds that are generated through ShopToEarn will be used to pay general ILR expenses which will help hold down registration fees for all llama owners. 


1)   Click on the ILR ShopToEarn link below.

2)   Select the store you want to shop at from the following choices: 1. from the drop down Retailers list (% behind store name is the % cash back to the ILR), 2. use the Store Search to find a specific store or 3. select the type of purchase you want to make from the categories on the left. (All retailers in green are ShopToEarth sites. Just ShopToEarth sites can be accessed by clicking on the ShopToEarth logo at the top of the page.)

3)   Follow the icon to the store or gift card (GC) site and do your shopping.

4)   Sometime in the next 60 days, the ILR will receive the cash back from your shopping.

5)   Can raising money get any easier? AND you’re not spending more than you normally do or writing out a donation check! In fact, by using coupons codes and promotions found on the ShopToEarn site you many actually save money!

If you have any additional questions about ShopToEarn or problems shopping, contact Jan at the ILR office or send an email to and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

CLICK here to check it out or to begin your shopping:

ALONE we struggle; TOGETHER we thrive!