October 5, 2009

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PO Box 8
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Serving the llama community and registering llamas since 1985.

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Update on the ILR and ILR-SD FUNDRAISER

Some have been shopping on the ILR ShopToEarn site
to help raise funds for the ILR! THANKS.

If you haven't had a chance to check it out go to:

CLICK here to check it out or to begin your shopping:


Shop 24/7 and have your items shipped directly to your home or office. No sales tax if the company's corporate office isn't in your state! Save on gas, time and impulse shopping! Shop in your pjs or underwear for all we care :-).

There are over 1300 sites. Here are a few highlights.
drugstore.com - Go to drugstore.com, enter gift card, purchase a beauty.com gift card for 10% cash back to the ILR, then you can use the gift card on drugstore.com (an awesome site) for an additonal 10% cash back for the ILR - they call it legal double dipping!

- A great site for restaurant coupons where you can save on eating out. They often have 70-80% off offers on the already great prices. Check for restaurants in your area.

Tire Rack - We have heard of some phenomenal deals of buying tires at great prices and having the tires shipped to them and brought to a tire shop for installation. For more fundraising value, purchase a Tire Rack e-mailed gift card on the Tire Rack site. Use the card on the Tire Rack site to purchase your tires.

Rainbow Appliance - Some great prices on appliances.

fragrance.net - Great discounts on fragrances - Christmas is coming!

. . . and many more great deals on the over 1300 stores on the ShopToEarn shopping site plus more on the ShopToEarth site for environmentally friendly products (click on the ShopToEarth name). If you discover a good shopping deal, please let us know and we'll pass it on.

To make sure your products are tracked through the ILR site for fundraising profits, enable cookies on your computer, make sure the security settings on your computer are not set too high and preferably only have your shopping window open on your screen. A further safeguard is to delete cookies before going to the ILR ShopToEarn site (tools, internet options, delete browsing history). If you want to know if your shopping is being tracked through the ILR site, contact Jan at the ILR office.

If you would like to see the e-Bulletin introducing the ShopToEarn fundraiser, check out the e-Bulletin on the ILR site: http://www.lamaregistry.com/eBulletins/2009-09-02_e-bulletin-New_Concept_in_ILR_Fundraising.htm

If you have any additional questions about ShopToEarn or problems shopping, contact Jan at the ILR office or send an email to jan@lamaregistry.com and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

CLICK here to check it out or to begin your shopping:

STE sites: Home Depot, Macys, Coldwater Creek, Target, Alba, Borders, Travelocity, Cheap Tickets, Budget, Bass Pro Shops
etc, etc, etc.

ALONE we struggle; TOGETHER we thrive!