November 4, 2009

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Serving the llama community and registering llamas since 1985.

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Would YOU like to receive a benefit from your
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NOW you CAN!

Beginning immediately, you can designate 50% of the "CASH BACK" resulting from your ShopToEARTH shopping be credited to your ILR account by signing up as a Preferred Customer!!

Reminder: ShopToEARTH stores are those whose products are all natural or organic. A compilation of thousands of earth friendly products for your shopping pleasure!

HOW TO shop on the ShopToEARTH section:

1) Go to the ILR's shopping site:

2) Click on the ShopToEARTH section in the middle of the page.

3) Sign up as a Preferred Customer (on the top of the page) to allow us to track the total amount of your purchases (not the individual purchases). (You must be a Preferred Customer in order for us to track the shopping total and credit your account.)

WE WILL credit 50% of the "cash back" from your Earth shopping to your ILR account at the end of the month. If the "cash back" from your online shopping runs away from your need for funds for Registry services, we will even issue refunds when the balance exceeds $50!

For ShopToEarn (regular consumer websites), the ILR Board of Directors has decided to expand beyond the "marketing" concept and ALSO include the ILR-SD. So, now the "cash back" received by the ILR will be split equally between the "Marketing" and the "ILR-SD" (show division)!

To make sure your products are tracked through the ILR site for fundraising profits, enable cookies on your computer, make sure the security settings on your computer are not set too high and preferably only have your shopping window open on your screen. If you want to know if your shopping is being tracked through the ILR site, contact the ILR office.

If you have any additional questions or problems shopping, contact us at the ILR office or send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

CLICK here to check it out or to begin your shopping:

ALONE we struggle; TOGETHER we thrive!