November 10, 2009

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Serving the llama community and registering llamas since 1985.

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If you haven't already done so, your online Membership must be completed this week (Sunday, Nov. 15 is the last online day before we do the mailing) to help reduce the cost of our mailing. Thanks for your cooperation!


MEMBERSHIP TIME - New or Renewal


It’s time to renew or sign up for your ILR membership for 2010. We’re asking that as many of you as possible
GO GREEN and sign up online at:  All who have conducted business with us in the past two years who have not signed up online by November 15, will receive a membership package by mail. Please help us save the cost and impact of mailing to you by signing up online by November 15, 2009!

If you don’t know when your membership expires, feel free to contact us at or (406) 755-3438 to find out.

     WIN/WIN of ILR Membership

1)      The #1 WIN for you is that you receive over $140 in value for a membership fee of $50 one year / $90 two years (plus reduced fees per person if there is more than one member at an address), FREE online advertising, FREE online searches, plus reduced registration and transfer fees as benefits of membership and more! Check it out at

2)      The WIN for the ILR, which in turn is another WIN for you, is that membership fees allow us to provide llama owners more opportunities to enjoy, promote and manage their llama businesses—for example: one-stop shopping for llama ads, the ILR ShowManager, the Show Division, and the Incentive Fund and Universal Awards Programs.

      ILR-SD (Show Division) MEMBERSHIP

You can also renew or sign up for your ILR-SD membership for 2010 on the same form. There were 31  ILR-SD shows in 2009 and new shows continue to contact us for sanctioning in 2010! ILR membership is not required to be an ILR-SD member but ILR members receive a $15 discount on an ILR-SD membership. We are very proud of the ILR-SD 2009 committee members and the tremendous progress they made in developing the ILR Show Division in 2009. Thank you to each of them and to all of you who supported the ILR-SD in one way or another!

ALONE we struggle; TOGETHER we thrive!