December 13, 2010

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Serving the llama community and registering llamas since 1985.

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Happy ~ Happy ~ Happy 2010!



Dear Llama Friends,


Welcome to 2010, not only a new year, but a new decade. The ILR will continue our efforts to automate and streamline our operations, utilizing and expanding our computer technology and capabilities, expanding and upgrading our website and continue our commitment to provide accurate information and registrations in a timely and effective manner.

The ILR Show Division (ILR-SD) is one year old! The year 2009 began with a survey of the membership with over 80% in favor of the ILR developing a new show association; 2009 ends with a completed guideline manual with new and innovative ways to:

·        manage shows in a flexible manner,

·        choose from new class offerings that can be customized for your geographic area/interest,

·        enjoy an awards system with points listed on the animals' pedigree information,

·        browse on-line show results with animal photos and pedigree information,

·        take advantage of dual sanctioning as it will still be accepted for 2010 (protocols for superintendents are available through the ILR office),

·        send your ideas to the member-driven / member-guided governing board. 

Some have been frustrated by the timeframe it has taken to develop the ILR Show Division—it would have been very easy for the ILR Board to spend a few days in early January and hand the membership a set of rules to follow, but we made a choice not to do that. The conception of the ILR-SD, just like other registry programs, was developed in response to the desires of the membership. Seven standing committees were assembled to create a new show division with a governing board to approve the guidelines and guide its’ development.

A child learns to crawl long before they learn to run. The ILR Board is very grateful for and proud of the hard work of the ILR-SD committees. You have taken a broad concept and created a show division that offers an alternative to the current show opportunities available. Some have had concerns that the ILR-SD is not any different than the other show associations – 2010 will prove that we are different. In 2009, we were purposely flexible with show management because our guidelines were not yet established. Now that they are complete, show management has an innovative list of options and show strategies to implement. We crawled through 2009, but we are ready to run in 2010 and host our first national championship show in 2011! Check out the ILR Show Division on our website at and click on the ILR-SD icon on the right side to see what we have developed!


The ILR is celebrating our 25th Anniversary in 2010! We began solely as a shoe-box registry and we have grown into a registry that provides not only registrations, but advertising opportunities for members, an expansive website that incorporates database access for information and research, several search options within the database, online registration, two DNA options, an Incentive fund, a Universal awards program, a Show Division, and ShowManager software that helps show superintendents set up their shows and allows online sign-up for exhibitors. Use of the ShowManager provides accessible information for show results so they can be posted on the ILR-SD website in a matter of hours after being received in our office.

            Help us Celebrate the 25th Anniversary.   

·        Anniversary stickers will be applied to all registrations issued in 2010.

·        Anniversary shows will be conducted – there will be 4-6 shows scattered across the country that will be anniversary events – the shows will function in conjunction with other livestock events to expose a larger section of the public to llamas. Added incentives will be available for exhibitors participating in these events including expanded qualifying opportunities for our 2011 ILR-SD National Championship Show! 

·        Other anniversary events are in development and will be announced as the details are finalized.

The ILR Board continues our commitment to put registry business as our first priority and will continue to improve and expand on our existing programs. We are facing economic challenges that have forced us to limit staff hours and this in turn has slowed the computer programming time for many of our new programs. The ILR-SD does not utilize registry monies for operation and we received only half of the donations that were promised to us to develop the Show Division. We have had to prioritize our programming time. Early indications are that the economic challenges we face will improve in 2010 and this will allow us to complete the programming necessary for full function of all of the registry member programs that have been developed in 2008 and 2009.

The ILR Board appreciates your support and trust in the ILR and your continued business with the registry. We have a committed and efficient staff and we appreciate not only their efforts, but also the sacrifices that they have made to help the registry continue to function in these challenging economic times. 

As always, the ILR Board welcomes your comments, concerns and suggestions and we look forward to continuing to work for you, the llama community, in 2010 and beyond. Please send your comments to or call our office at 406-755-3438. The ILR is a 501(c)(5) and any donations made to the ILR or to a specific ILR program may be tax deductible as business expenses.  

Happy New Year and we look forward to celebrating all that 2010 has to offer!

The ILR Board of Directors:

Mark Smith—President
Mary Jo Miller—Vice President
Kathi McKinney—Treasurer
Kristy Brown—Secretary
Bill Safreed—Member at Large