February 4, 2010

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Serving the llama community and registering llamas since 1985.

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The ILR is an

Shop on the ILR shopping site for great deals and cash back to support the ILR and ILR-SD.

 Click Here to access the ILR's Shopping Mall at: shoptoearn.net/ilr

The ILR's shopping site is now called
the International Lama Registry's Mall
and the online site is called ShopToEarth.

The website has been redone and the shopping
has just gotten even better --
200+ more retail stores!

Go to  SHOP my GREEN Mall  for Earth Friendly products
and to
 SHOP my RETAIL Mall  for over 1400 retail stores.
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Featured ShopToEarth site this week is: True Green
in the GREEN Mall under Green Exchange

 Click Here to access the ILR's Shopping Mall at: shoptoearn.net/ilr

  The Cash Back savings from your shopping will 
  go to support the ILR and ILR-SD. Thanks for your help!

Featured Products on the True Green site:

We tried it and liked it. Works great!

TrueGreen2 Laundry Washing Ball (1 in Box)

The TrueGreen Laundry Washing Ball is an Extremely Earth Friendly and People Friendly Product that DOES NOT contain harmful synthetic detergents, perfumes, dyes or oils.

The Washing Ball cleans your clothes without bleach or detergents in cold water. You will be amazed at how bright your whites will be.

The Laundry Washing Ball is cheaper than detergents and bleach and much more convenient.


  • Reduces environmental pollution.
  • Hypoallergenic with no remaining chemical detergent residue in clothes. It's a must for those with sensitive skin.
  • The Antibacterial agent eliminates mold, pathogenic organisms, and unpleasant odors.
  • Free of dyes and fragrance therefore if you miss the smell you can use fabric softener in the washing machine or dryer sheets.
  • Excellent cleaning with cold water and therefore uses less electricity.
  • As there are no synthetic detergents there is no need for the rinse cycle which saves electricity and water.
  • Protects the discoloration and oxidation of fabric caused by chloride in the city water and helps to maintain the elasticity of fabric.
  • The most spectacular Bright Whites without bleach.
  • Soap and detergent free - no soapy film or residue left on clothes.
  • Reduces Scale, Rust and Lime buildup in the washing machine and pipes.
  • Easy, Effective, Economical and Portable - I bring it on extended vacations.

We tried it and liked it. Works great!
Have found it's still helpful to use fabric softener (use less) and/or 1 fabric sheet at times for static on certain fabrics.

TrueGreen2 Laundry Dryer Balls (2 in Box)

True Green Laundry Dryer Balls are 30% larger than other dryer balls advertised and are scientifically designed to allow more air penetration when drying clothes.

1. Reduces ironing, static and creases

2. Reduces drying time by 25%

3. Naturally softens fabrics

4. Non Toxic-no chemicals

5. Will last approximately 6 months

The Dryer Balls are re-usable, just leave them in your dryer and enjoy their benefits time and time again.

Shop 24/7 and have your items shipped directly to your home or office.
No sales tax if the company's corporate office isn't in your state!
Save on gas, time and impulse shopping!

 Click Here to access the ILR's Shopping Mall at: shoptoearn.net/ilr

If you would like to have your own shopping mall or you have any questions about or problems shopping in the ILR's mall, contact Dar at the ILR office or send an email to darwassink@lamaregistry.com and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

Some STE sites: Home Depot, Macys, Coldwater Creek, Target, Alba, Borders, Travelocity, Cheap Tickets, Budget, Bass Pro Shops, Babies R Us and MANY more!

ALONE we struggle; TOGETHER we thrive!