March 17, 2010

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ILR Incentive Fund (ILR-IF)

What is it and How does it work?



We are happy to have finalized the ILR Incentive Fund (ILR-IF) programming and postings. 

What is the ILR-IF? The Incentive Fund is basically a year long futurity and advertising opportunity! You are already showing your llamas and this is a chance to earn cash back for shows you are going to anyway and get promotion for your herd sire at the same time without any extra work.

What shows qualify for ILR-IF points? ANY show – that’s the beauty of the Incentive Fund concept – any ILR-SD show, Futurity show, open show, ALSA show or club show you participate in can earn you incentive fund points that are turned into cash at year end. Points assigned are based on the number of class entries – the ILR-IF points chart is on the ILR website. Two bites out of the same apple – ILR-IF points are given in addition to show association points! Two chances for recognition with one show entry fee, plus cash back at the end of the year.

Who benefits from the ILR-IF? The ILR-IF points are paid back 70% to the show animal owner, 10% to the person who enrolled the show animal, and 20% to the herd sire owner. You can earn money for animals you have sold and add value to your herd sire.

How do I sign up for the ILR-IF?  There is a two step process to enter the ILR-IF program.

1.       Enroll the offspring you plan to show – this is a lifetime nomination! You can show this animal for years and earn cash back over the entire show career of the animal – even after you have sold it!

2.       Nominate the herd sire. This needs to be done annually if offspring are being shown.

How much does it cost to get started? This is real bang for your buck promotion money folks.

1.       Enrolled offspring $100 for lifetime enrollment. The ILR-IF enrollment is highlighted pedigree page of the ILR website for the animal and will be on the ILR papers for the animal. Remember, as the person enrolling the llama, you will earn 10% of the lifetime earnings of the animal whether you still own it or not!

2.       Herd sire nomination $100 per year for each offspring enrolled that year (maximum of $500). The herd sires are featured on the Herd Sire Row feature on the ILR website and a designation is made on his pedigree page as well.  Also, the owner of every one of his eligible offspring is sent a notification that they are eligible to enroll in the program and an ILR-IF eligible designation is made on their pedigree page on the website.

How much are points worth?  The total moneys paid into the program less a 10% administration fee for the ILR office are divided by the total points achieved for the enrolled offspring based on age. Basically, the more animals enrolled and the more herd sires nominated, the larger the IF becomes. The more you show your llamas, the more points you earn. Win, Win, Win!!


For more information on the ILR-IF and to view the winning Herd Sires from 2008 and 2009 go to and click on the "Incentive Fund Payouts" link. There is still time to sign up for the 2010 season!!

The ILR Board of Directors:

Mark Smith—President
Mary Jo Miller—Vice President
Kathi McKinney—Treasurer
Kristy Brown—Secretary
Bill Safreed—Member at Large