June 30, 2010

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FAQs regarding entering information into the ILR's Universal Awards Program (UAP)

Q1: Where do I go to enter in my show results and UAP activities?

A: You do not have to enter your results from ILR-SD sanctioned shows as once we have received those results, they automatically go into the UAP log. For all other show results and activities, Login with your owner code and password and click on UAP Activity Log in the Common Quick Links tab.

Q2: Do I list UAP and show information in different places?

A: UAP and show information is all listed in the UAP Activity log.

Q3: What do I get for points earned in the UAP and SD?

A: Enter in your show results and activities of all kinds to receive certificate and trophy AWARDS in the Show Division and the Universal Awards Program for Halter, Performance and Beyond the Showring.

Certificate of Achievement - 25 points Certificate of Excellence - 40 points


Show Division

Championship Award and Trophy - 40 points;
plus 4 Grands or 3 Grands & 2 Reserves

Universal Awards Program

Q4: Where do I go to see how many points an animal has?

A: Login on the ILR site. In the Animal and Owner Info tab area click on #4 Find an animal. You'll see a picture of the animal with info including a link to UAP, IF and SD points. Can even check out the dam and sire pics and geneologies!


Q5: Should I enter my animal's information from shows which use the ILR ShowManager (SM) program?

A: No, when a superintendent uses SM, the information is automatically updated for each animal when the final SM results are forwarded to the ILR office.

Q6: Do I need to enter in the Event Name when I enter information?

A: Not necessarily. First check if the Event Name is in the dropdown list. If not, enter the official name of the show including the year - e.g. "Celebration Classic ALSA Silver 2010."

Q7: Do I list the actual day I showed for the event date?

A: The first day of the show is the event date.

Q8: Is it acceptable to list results from ALSA shows?

A: Yes, results from all shows can count towards your awards. If it is an ALSA show, include ALSA in the name of the show.

Q9: What if there is more than one show at an event?

A: If there is more than one show at an event, add the "SILVER," "GOLD," "BLACK," or "BLUE." designators. Remember, what you enter is seen by everyone, and hopefully used by other members.

Happy entering. Questions? Let us know.

ALONE we struggle; TOGETHER we thrive!