October 19, 2010

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                                           INTERNATIONAL LAMA REGISTRY
                  Serving the llama community and registering llamas since 1985.

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Highlights from your

ILR Board of Directors and Registrar


October19, 2010


Dear Llama Friends,


Thank you for helping the ILR celebrate our 25th Anniversary of service to you, the llama community. We have sold nearly all of our anniversary coffee mugs, have been adding a  limited edition sticker on ILR certificates for the 2010 year, sponsored the first annual kids coloring contest and have already celebrated four of our five Anniversary ILR-SD shows. If you would still like a limited edition ILR Anniversary mug ($11.00 plus shipping), just let the office know and we can charge your account and get one in the mail to you. Thank you again to the Anniversary Show Sponsor and Friends of the ILR for supporting these select shows and allowing us to offer special gifts to exhibitors, show management and show staff. Participation in the ILR Universal Awards Program and the ILR Incentive Fund are both increased by 50% and the number of ILR Show Division shows is increased and we are once again operating within our budget and expecting our second year to show a profit, just as our first year did.


Looking forward to the end of 2010:

~ National FFA Convention in Indianapolis – the ILR will have a table and display at the convention to promote the registry and the programs available to youth members. Llamas will also be at the display as well many fleece products. The 25th Anniversary sponsors will be highlighted at the ILR display area.


~ The last ILR Anniversary show is at the NAILE in Louisville, KY and there is still time to sign up.Check out the ILR Calendar of Events for information.


~ ILR Annual Meeting – Friday November 5, 2010 at the NAILE Anniversary Show.


~ Elections for ILR SD committee representatives – we are currently accepting nominations for the December election.


~ Membership enrollment for 2011 for both the ILR and the ILR-SD – these can be made online at www.lamaregistry.com – watch for more information in the coming weeks.


Looking into the Future – 2011 Highlights:

~ Pot of Gold Gelding Futurity for Youth – this program provides ILR Youth members the opportunity to excel and win prize money as well as providing a marketing opportunity for breeders. Nominate your sale geldings on llama0Ogle at www.lamaregistry.com.


~ ILR Show Division International Finals Event – A Gathering of Friends and Champions. We are finalizing the details for the first International Finals for the ILR-SD. As we shared with you earlier, we did send proposal to ALSA and LFA to investigate combining the three national events at one location to save money and expand member opportunities, but there was no interest from either group at the time of the proposals. The presidents of ILR-SD, LFA and ALSA had a brief and unofficial meeting during the LFA weekend and further discussed the possibility of sharing costs for a combined event, but no decisions were made. They also discussed the long range future of the llama industry in general as well as the strengths of each organization – the strengths of the ILR-SD include integration with the ILR database, ShowManager, on-line show results that feature photos, pedigree and breeder information on all animals entered in the show as well as a running total of their ILR-SD points and ILR-UAP points, and the strength and stability of the ILR and our efficient and committed office staff.

No decisions or plans were made at the presidents' meeting; it was simply a cordial discussion between industry leadership. The ILR Board is 110% committed to the continued success and expansion of the ILR Show Division and opportunities available at the Gathering of Friends and Champions 2011.


As always, the ILR Board of Directors appreciates and welcomes member input – we adopted the motto “We’re Listening” a few years ago and we are eager to hear from you. We have always and will continue to ask our membership for input before making major policy changes. Enjoy the rest of 2010 and we look forward to working for you in 2011 and beyond.


Happy Llama Travels,


The ILR Board:

Mary Jo Miller-President

Bill Safreed-Vice President

Kathi McKinney-Treasurer

Kristy Brown-Secretary

Mark Smith-Member at Large

and Registrar Jan Wassink

ALONE we struggle; TOGETHER we thrive!