November 2, 2010

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PO Box 8
Kalispell, MT 59901
(406) 755-3438


                                           INTERNATIONAL LAMA REGISTRY
                  Serving the llama community and registering llamas since 1985.

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Did you know you own property in the beautiful Flathead Valley of Montana?



The ILR Office Building, Kalispell, Montana


Yes, it is true. The ILR owns a 10,000 square foot building in Kalispell, Montana! The building was purchased in 2001, paid in full by 2003 and is owned by the ILR membership. The building is currently valued at over $500,000! The ILR offices use approximately 3,000 square feet towards the back of the building and front area of the building is divided into three commercial suites that generate approximately $40,000 revenue annually to the ILR.


The Registry developed and owns software that manages the Registry is valued at approximately $200,000 this software not only produces the registrations and billings, but allows the membership access to the database genealogy and over 500,000 photographs! In addition, our ShowManager software is valued at $35,000.



to the International Lama Registry

  ILR Front Door A portion of the inside office space.


Photo Files Photos AMLA Files & ILR Owner Files ILR Animal Files


Meet your ILR Staff:

Most of you have spoken to someone in the ILR office and we wanted to help you put a face to the voice that you hear over the phone. Combined, the ILR Staff has over 85 years experience in the llama industry and 60 years in the ILR office.

Yeah, right??


  • Has had llamas since 1985

  • Published 'the llama link' for seven years before being hired as Registrar for the ILR 1995 - present



Light's on but nobody's home??


  • Has had llamas since 1985

  • Published 'the llama link' for seven years before being hired as Administrator for the Alpaca Registry in the ILR office - 1995-2004

  • ILR staff: Administrative Assistant and Communications Director 2004 - present 

She's baaaack!


  • Worked for 'the llama link' for seven years before being hired by the ILR.

  • ILR staff: Phones and Proofing Manager 1996 - present 


Always ready to assist you.

Home of the singing keyboard!


  • ILR staff: Data Operator Manager 2000 - present 


  • Programming Independent Contractor for the ILR before coming on staff.

  • ILR staff: IT Director 2005 - present 


"Yeh, I can do that."

Always a smile!


  • ILR staff: Filing Assistant 2010

Pot of Gold Gelding Futurity for Youth


The ILR Board is happy to present the programs indicated by logos above and would like to thank the entire ILR Staff for their dedication and commitment to these programs and the llama industry. We appreciate your professionalism and hard work.

The ILR Board,

President Mary Jo Miller, Vice President Bill Safreed, Treasurer Kathi McKinney, Secretary Kristy Brown,
Member at Large Mark Smith


Thank you for YOUR SUPPORT for YOUR Registry and Show Division!

ALONE we struggle; TOGETHER we thrive!