December 22, 2010

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Reminding you of:


Pot of Gold


Gelding Futurity for Youth


The Pot of Gold Gelding Futurity for Youth  provides an opportunity for Youth to

succeed and to promote the continued involvement of

Youth in the Llama Industry,

provides a marketing opportunity for breeders and creates

added-value to quality young males and geldings.


Pot of Gold Gelding Futurity for Youth

This is a reminder that the Pot of Gold Gelding Futurity for Youth begins on January 1, 2011. At the moment, all the animals listed on the website have been sold and potential buyers are calling the ILR office looking for nominated animals. This is a great marketing and advertising opportunity for breeders as well as an opportunity to encourage youth participation in the ILR-SD and win prize money for that participation.

Futurity Eligible Animals:

1.   Geldings between 12 and 36 months are eligible to be participate in the Pot of Gold Futurity.

Futurity Eligible Youth:

1.   Youth must be ILR Youth members ($10 for ILR and ILR-SD membership combined).

2.   Animals must be registered to the participating youth.

Nomination procedure:

1.   Any ILR member can nominate a gelding or young male for the Pot of Gold Futurity on the ILR website llamaOOgle link. The animals will remain on the Pot of Gold list until they are sold and transferred to the new owner. Intact males can be nominated for the Pot of Gold, but they must be registered as geldings or non-breeders (in the case of animals too young to castrate at the time of sale) when transferred to the participating youth. Animals must be gelded before points can be accumulated in the Pot of Gold.

2.   Family Transfer nominations a gelding can be nominated for a youth in the family with the following stipulations:

A.  ILR membership required for parent (individual or farm membership).

B.  Youth must be an ILR member .

C.  The animal must be transferred to the Youth name and must be registered as a gelding or non-breeders (in the case of animals too young to castrate at the time of sale) when transferred to the participating youth. Animals must be gelded before points can be accumulated in the Pot of Gold.

D.  Contact the ILR office for Family Transfer nominations.

Nomination Fees:

1.       Breeder/Seller nomination: $50

2.       Family transfer nomination: $75

Advantages to Breeders/Sellers to Nominate animals:

   Provides a marketing opportunity and added value to young males and geldings.          

   Advertising opportunity on the ILR website until the animal is sold.

   Breeder listed on animal information on Show Results for all ILR-SD shows.

   Breeder listing on the Top 10 Pot of Gold Gelding.

   Recognition to the breeder for the Futurity winning Top Three Geldings, and the Year End Top 10 list is kept on the ILR website indefinitely.

   A unique opportunity to promote not only your farm, but to encourage Youth to participate in the ILR and the ILR-SD.

   There is no limit to the number of animals a farm can nominate unlimited marketing exposure for your males and geldings!

NOMINATE your young males and geldings for the Pot of Gold Gelding Futurity for Youth

through the llamaOOgle Pot of Gold Animals for Sale area on the ILR website.


Procedure to Nominate your young males and geldings on the ILR site.

1)   Log in

2)   Choose llamaOOgle Photo Ads

3)   Choose Animal to advertise (you actually choose animal from your herd list so they must be registered in your name). When you choose the animals, the Pot of Gold check box comes up.

4)   Click on Pot of Gold check box.

5)   Add to Cart if you're checking out or click on Try Now to have the ad available in your login to edit or add to your cart.


Note: Pot of Gold ads cannot be one of your membership free ads.

Buyers are waiting



This is an awesome opportunity for youth and owners of geldings!



     INTERESTED? Check out the link below for the brochure with additional information!



ILR-SD Pot of Gold Youth Futurity brochure.pdf


ALONE we struggle; TOGETHER we thrive!