January 13, 2011

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                                           INTERNATIONAL LAMA REGISTRY
                  Serving the llama community and registering llamas since 1985.

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Your ILR in 2011


Dear Llama Community,


Welcome to your ILR in 2011
The ILR will continue our efforts to automate and streamline our operations, utilizing and expanding our computer technology and capabilities, expanding and upgrading our website and continuing our commitment to provide accurate information and registrations in a timely and effective manner.


Current Member Services:

The ILR Show Division (ILR-SD) has ended its second season. Many are pleased with the variety of options that are available.

·        Management of shows in a flexible manner

·        New class offerings that can be customized for your geographic area/interest

·        Awards system with points listed on the animal’s pedigree information

·         Online show results with animal photos and pedigree information

·        Acceptance of dual sanctioned shows still accepted for 2011 – inquiries should be directed to the ILR office

·        A member driven/member guided governing board. 

Check out the ILR-SD on the website www.lamaregistry.com, click on the ILR-SD icon to see what we have developed with the assistance of many volunteers!


ILR Universal Awards Program (ILR-UAP) – a top ten list is posted on the ILR website and is updated as new information is received – by a simple click of the mouse and you can see if you are in the Top 10 in the country!
ILR Incentive Fund (ILR-IF) – in essence, this is a year long futurity. Nominate your herd sire and enroll his offspring and win cash rewards for every show point you earn in ANY show association!


Awards – We are awarding Certificates of Achievement, Certificates of Excellence and Certificates of Championship to acknowledge points accumulated in the ILR-SD and the ILR-UAP programs. Points for ALL activities not just showing. We are awarding trophies for Championships for those animals that have reached the Championship level. Very lifelike llamas adorn a solid base with an engraved plaque noting your winning llama’s accomplishments.



Points Displayed on Animal Website Page – members can access the ILR database to view the pedigree, owners, photographs and now the accumulated points for any animal in the database. Really cool – check it out! It is built in promotion for your animals.



Advertising Opportunities – ILR Members can receive free classified ads on the ILR website, one free photo ad on LlamaOOgle and one free farm directory listing. These can all be viewed by anyone visiting the ILR site. Additional photo ads and farm listings can be purchased.


New Member Services for 2011:

Pot of Gold Gelding Futurity for Youth – this program is designed to provide an opportunity for Youth to succeed and to promote the continued involvement of Youth in the llama industry. It also provides a marketing opportunity for breeders and creates added-value to quality young males and geldings. Click on the Pot of Gold Icon on the LlamaOOgle page to view geldings available for sale.

Camelid Companion Certification Program – the CCC program allows owners and their llamas to challenge themselves for certification rather than compete against others as in a show. The CCC encourages participation and completion of designated tasks and llamas attain levels of achievement much like the Field Trial Associations for dogs or in the Pack Llama Trial Association for llamas. Watch the ILR website for more information as the program is finalized and Certification Trials are announced.

We’re Committed
The ILR Board continues our commitment to put registry business as our first priority and will continue to improve and expand on our existing programs. We are facing economic challenges that have forced us to limit staff hours yet we have expanded member services – it’s quite a juggling act. The ILR Board appreciates your support and trust in the ILR and your continued business with the registry and support of our member programs. We have a committed and efficient staff and we appreciate not only their efforts, but also the sacrifices that they have made to help the registry continue to function in these challenging economic times. 


We’re Listening   
As always, the ILR Board welcomes your comments, concerns and suggestions and we look forward to continuing to work for you, the llama community, in 2011 and beyond.  Please send your comments to info@lamaregistry.com or call our office at (406) 755-3438.  The ILR is a 501(c)5 and any donations made to the ILR or to a specific ILR program may be tax deductible as business expenses.  


Happy New Year we look forward to celebrating all that 2011 has to offer with you!


The ILR Board: Mary Jo Miller –President, Bill Safreed–Vice President, Kathi McKinney–Treasurer, Kristy Brown–Secretary, Mark Smith–Member at Large and Registrar: Jan Wassink

ALONE we struggle; TOGETHER we thrive!