February 3, 2011

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First Annual International Gathering

of Friends and Champions


June 17-19, 2011


Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moines, IA



How was this location selected?

For the past year, the ILR board and the ILR-SD have been asking for member input and researching venues and dates for the Gathering of Friends and Champions the ILR-SD Annual Show. It was important to us that the show be held in conjunction with another event to broaden the audience and increase exposure of llamas to the non-llama owning public.

We researched and considered numerous options as listed below:

1.      Denver Stock Show – facility at capacity and no room for expansion, travel in mountains in January.

2.      Kansas City Royal the only dates available were Tuesday-Thursday the same week as the ALSA Nationals – we felt this was not an option

3.      Combine event with Celebration Show and Sale in Oklahoma City the show ring at the facility is not large enough to allow for performance classes and a different facility would have to be rented offsite and members would have to transport llamas between them.

4.      Combine ILR-SD, LFA and ALSA national events at the same location, but run three separate events – this idea would have saved everyone costs and given members more choices, but it was rejected by the LFA and ALSA Board of Directors.

5.      NAILE (North American International Livestock Expo) in Louisville, KY event is in early November and we received many concerns about travel across the mountains that late in the year and about the travel distance. Also, there is an existing llama show at the event and our Gathering would run at the same time as their show. NAILE would provide ribbons and $2500 premium money to us.

6.      Iowa State Fairgrounds – centrally located in the country. Fall dates were not available to us to coordinate around LFA (already in IA) or ALSA (in NE).

Iowa State Fairgrounds presented us with the June 17-19, 2011 dates. This was the only time that the facilities we need to hold a large show were available all summer. After consideration of the pros and cons, especially the time of year for traveling and the central location for both the east and west, Iowa came to the top of the list. We see this as our best option for 2011 and are excited about the prospect of seeing you in Iowa in June!

What is available at this facility and this city?

The IA State Fair facility has a large open air arena facility with adjacent stalling in a well ventilated barns. The costs were comparable to the NAILE event even when considering the premiums and ribbons. We felt that the location in the center of the country was important, giving equal and easy access to all of our membership. Two major interstates, I-80 and I-35, intersect very near the facility. On-site camping is available as well as many motels in easy driving distance. Plus, there are five other public events being held at the facility the same weekend!

For more information on the IA State Fairgrounds, go to www.iowastatefair.com. You can also visit the Des Moines Visitor Center at www.seedesmoines.com. We will provide motel information to you in future e-Bulletins.

We have our promotions committee working on some fun Father’s Day activities during the weekend – What a great chance to celebrate Dad’s, Families and Llamas!

Why was a mid-year date selected?

Iowa State Fair Grounds presented us with the June 17-19, 2011 dates. This was the only time that the facilities we need to hold a large show were available all summer. Early June in the Midwest is great weather for travel as well as housing the llamas. The barns are open and airy with electrical access for fans if needed. Also, by mid-June, the vast majority of schools are out for the summer so this is a great opportunity for family participation and family vacation. Des Moines is a moderate sized college town with many family activities in close proximity to the show location.

By holding the ILR-SD International Gathering of Friends and Champions mid-year, it separates it from the rush of national events in September/October. Had we gone with a fall date, then ILR-SD, LFA and ALSA national events would have all happened within a six week period and within 3 hours of each other. We felt that may have forced our members to choose between these major events and would have adversely affected all associations. Since sharing a venue was rejected by LFA and ALSA, we decided to schedule our event in the summer.

The ILR and ILR-SD also want to promote youth participation in the llama industry and felt that a summer event would make it easier for families to schedule a long weekend.

Who can participate in the International Gathering of Friends and Champions?

We will require that all participants of the International event are members of the ILR-SD. Please mark your calendars and get your GPS tuned to Des Moines and join us at the International Gathering of Friends and Champions. Additional information will be sent out in the near future.

ilr@lamaregistry.com  ~ PO Box 8, Kalispell, MT 59903 ~ (406) 755-3438

ALONE we struggle; TOGETHER we thrive!