June 13, 2011

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                                           INTERNATIONAL LAMA REGISTRY
                  Serving the llama community and registering llamas since 1985.

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The Time has come, the time is here, the time is NOW

to Gather together in Des Moines, IA

June 17-19, 2011

for the ILR-SD First Annual

Gathering of Friends and Champions!


Hope to see you at The Gathering!


Check out http://www.lamaregistry.com/forms/2011_First_Annual_International_Gathering_Information.pdf

for ALL information about The Gathering.


We hope YOU can join us FOR the FUN of IT!


One last look below at the FUN events

which will be a part of The Gathering!


REMINDER: Bring your cookies & treats,

treasures, photos and 'Support-the-Youth' attitudes!


The Gathering 2011 FOR the FUN of IT Events:


PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD – Finished Fleece Products


Criteria:  Fleece product MUST be entered in the Fleece Product division for judging.


Judging: Judging of the fleece products is to be done as soon as possible on Friday to allow maximum time for items to be on display.


After the fleece products are judged, all fleece products will be in the People’s Choice award contest and will be on display in an area away from the fleece judging. No names or farm names will be attached to the product. Each product entered will be given a number and visitors, other exhibitors, etc. will vote for the product they like the most simply based on the product and the visual assessment. Votes will be put in a bucket and counted by the show clerk. 


Winner will be announced Sunday AM. A prize will be awarded that is specific to the Fleece Products contest and will be a continuing prize each year, perhaps in a different color, etc.




Tables will be set up for people to bring “goodies” (baked or otherwise) for sale. These will be out starting on Friday AM for people to purchase. All proceeds will go to the ILR. 

Items could include cookies, bars, fruits, breads, candies, caramel corn, cheese curds, etc. 


Additionally, items that a person no longer has a use for, wants, or simply needs to eliminate from their barn, will be put on display for sale. People can purchase them for a nominal charge and all proceeds will also go to the ILR. This can be leads, halters, brushes, grooming aids, nail trimmers, show clothing articles, cria coats, tie outs, nick-nacks, knitting supplies, spinning supplies, display boards, hangers for banners or posters, basically anything that is portable and could be useable by someone else.


Please no hard to transport items.


SPLIT-THE-POT Dollars In Your Pocket!          


We will be selling split-the-pot tickets at the show to benefit the ILR and the winner of the pot. Each will receive 50% of the proceeds. The last two times we did this the winner went home with $1,000! Save your pennies for your split-the-pot tickets!




Since The Gathering is being held on Father’s Day weekend, we felt that Fathers should be recognized. Thus, there will be in each exhibitor packet a ribbon for each father to wear that will recognize BLUE RIBBON DADS. There will also be extras at the show office for the grandfathers and those fathers who we all depend on to receive and be recognized.




Here people can submit a photograph of themselves and/or family members, along with llamas and/or alpacas in a creative format. Not the standard “posed” photos. Exhibitors and visitors will vote on the best creative photograph. Winner will receive a prize yet to be determined (hoping for a gift certificate from one of our vendors). These photos will be on display the entire weekend and the winner will be announced on Sunday.


YOUTH GATHERING DOLLARS                     


·        Youth receive points for any placings at ILR-SD shows during the 2010 year.

·        Youth receive points for any placings at ILR-SD shows during the 2011 year up to the date of the 2011 International Gathering of Friends and Champions.

·        Each point will be $10.00 in Gathering Dollars. Gathering dollars are NOT real money, but rather “funny money” or “play money”.

·        If a Pot of Gold animal was used in earning those points – the points will be double value.

·        Youth can earn extra Gathering Dollars at the 2011 Gathering event by volunteering to help at the show in various areas and/or exhibitors or visitors can purchase Gathering Dollars at the value to give to youth that they feel are deserving for any reason of receiving those dollars, ie: well mannered, well dressed, helpful, friendly, etc. Ratio for purchase would be – $10.00 will purchase $100 in Gathering dollars.

·        Youth will receive a bonus of $100 Gathering Dollars for each class they enter at the 2011 Gathering event.

·        All youth Gathering Dollars earned up to the time of the event will be in the exhibitor packets at the 2011 Gathering event in June of 2011.

·        Gathering Dollars earned will be for youth to purchase donated items at the YOUTH ONLY AUCTION to be held on Saturday evening at the 2011 International Gathering of Friends and Champions.


Anyone wanting to make a donation of an auction item for the Youth Only Auction may do so at the 2011 Gathering event, or in the alternative, people can contact Matt Fruits at (765) 376-0261 or mefruits@netzero.com to let Matt know of a youth auction item you will be donating and sending and/or bringing to the Gathering.


Once the 2011 event is over, any dollars not spent by the youth will have to be discarded.  June 20, 2011, will start the new year for accumulation of Gathering Dollars to be used at the 2012 event.


The Gathering - your 2011 "Can't Miss" Event!


ilr@lamaregistry.com  ~ PO Box 8, Kalispell, MT 59903 ~ (406) 755-3438

ALONE we struggle; TOGETHER we thrive!