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November 2, 2011  

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New or Renewal


ILR Membership
ILR-SD Membership

It's time to renew or sign up for your ILR and ILR Show Division (ILR-SD) memberships for 2012. We're asking that as many of you as possible GO GREEN and purchase your memberships HERE!


Q1:  Have I already renewed my membership?

A:  You can check it out in your account on the ILR website. It's easy as 1-2-3.

   1) Log in to your account on the ILR site -

   2) Click on Common Quick Links tab

   3) Click on View Membership Status

The Membership Summary window looks like this:

More FAQs:

Q2:  Are the ILR and ILR-SD memberships two separate memberships?

A:  Yes, they are - except for Youth. See #4 below.

Q3:  Do I need to be a member of the ILR to have an ILR-SD membership?

A:  No, you do not need to be a member of the ILR to have an ILR-SD membership but you receive a $15 discount on your ILR-SD membership if you are an ILR member.

Q4:  What's the difference between the two memberships?

A: The ILR membership provides you with over $125 worth of FREE opportunities:

  • FREE photo ads on the ILR website (1 for individual memberships and 2 for Farm/Ranch memberships)

  • classifieds are FREE for everyone -- get yours entered today!

  • FREE unlimited event listings

  • FREE listing on the Farm & Ranch Locator to highlight your llama endeavors

  • FREE ILR database searches

  • opportunities to obtain certificate awards and trophies for your showing and beyond-the-showring activities through the ILR Universal Awards Program (ILR-UAP)

  • a $15 discount on your ILR-SD membership

  • reduced registration costs

  • the opportunity to be involved in the ILR Incentive Fund

  • the opportunity to run for the ILR board of directors

  • voting privileges
    Note: You must be a member of the ILR at the time of the activity for points to count in the ILR Universal Awards Program (ILR-UAP). Points are not credited retroactively.

B: The ILR SHOW DIVISION membership

  • first of all is support for something you believe in, the ILR-SD. Your dollars allow us to provide showing and recognition opportunities for all.

  • Plus you put yourself in a position to receive certificates and trophies for your showing efforts

  • the opportunity to run for the ILR-SD committees.
    Note: You must be a member of the ILR-SD at the time of the shows in order to receive points. Points are not credited retroactively.

Q5:  Are Youth memberships available?

A: Yes, a $10 Youth Membership (18 and under) includes both an ILR and ILR-SD membership which allows youth to participate in both the ILR-SD and ILR-UAP awards programs. Youth also receive points themselves in both programs -- not just the animals as with adults.

     WIN/WIN of ILR Membership

1)   The #1 WIN for you is that you receive over $125 in value for a membership fee of $50 one year / $90 two years (plus reduced fees per person if there is more than one member at an address), FREE online advertising, FREE online searches, plus reduced registration and transfer fees as benefits of membership and more! Check it out here!

2)   The WIN for the ILR, which in turn is another WIN for you, is that membership fees allow us to provide llama owners more opportunities to enjoy, promote and manage their llama businesses—for example: one-stop shopping for llama ads, the ILR ShowManager, the Show Division, and the Incentive Fund and Universal Awards Programs.

Thank you for YOUR SUPPORT
for YOUR Registry and Show Division!

ALONE we struggle; TOGETHER we thrive!