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January 18, 2012  

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Pot of Gold
Futurity for Youth


Pot of Gold
Futurity for Youth

The Pot of Gold Futurity for Youth:

~ provides an opportunity for Youth to succeed
~ promotes the continued involvement of Youth in the Llama Industry
~ provides a marketing opportunity for breeders
~ creates added-value to quality young males and geldings

Pot of Gold Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Eligible?  Any ILR Youth member is eligible to participate in the Youth Futurity.

What Animals Are Eligible?  Geldings are eligible from 12-36 months of age and must be nominated for the Futurity.

Where do I buy a Nominated Gelding?  Breeders or Sellers that are ILR Members can nominate a Gelding and it must be posted for sale on the llama-OOgle Llamas for Sale page of the ILR website, Only nominated and posted animals are eligible for the Futurity. The breeder can designate which futurity (halter and/or performance) they are nominating for. Animals must be registered as Gelding or Non-Breeder at the time the animal is transferred to youth ownership.

Can a Youth buy a gelding from their family farm?  Yes, but the nomination fee will be $75 for the first futurity and $50 for the second and the animal will not be listed on the sales list on the website. The animal must still be registered to the youth.

How much does it cost to nominate a gelding?  The cost to nominate a gelding outside of a family is $50 for each category and is paid by the Seller the first year of eligibility and paid by the Youth owner the additional year(s) of eligibility. Animals nominated for a youth from the nominating family will have a $75 nomination fee for the first category and $50 for the second.

Can I nominate a gelding for only one Futurity?  Absolutely! The breeder can nominate an animal as a Halter animal, a Performance animal or both! 

Who can show the gelding?  The Futurity Geldings must be registered to and shown by the youth member only and the animal cannot be shared with siblings.

Is there prize money for the Gelding Futurity points winner?  Yes!! The Gelding Futurity fund will be distributed to the top three participants in each futurity. The winner will receive 50% of the fund, second place 30% and 20% to third place. So the more Pot of Gold nominations, the higher the Pay Out!

How is the Gelding Futurity funded?  From the breeder’s nomination, $45 goes into the premium fund and the rest goes to the ILR for promotions.

How do I know how many points my animal has?  There will be a Gelding Futurity Top Ten List on the ILR website,

Do Futurity Geldings receive ILR-SD and UAP points too?   Absolutely! This means that the youth has three opportunities for points by entering only one show.

Can I keep showing my gelding after he is too old for the Gelding Futurity?  Absolutely! The animal will still get ILR-SD and UAP points for its entire life, it is just too old for the Gelding Futurity.

Can adults participate in the Gelding Futurity?  No, not yet, but as the program develops, additional Futurity divisions may be added.

Where is the Futurity held and how do I sign up?  This is the easy part – every time a youth shows a nominated gelding in an ILR-SD show, they earn points towards the year end Futurity Pot. The Winner of the Futurity is based on a POINTS championship, not a specific event.

Will all ILR-SD shows have a Gelding Futurity Class?  There are no Futurity classes – show the gelding in the Non-Breeder Halter class and you automatically gain Futurity Points! Show the animals in Performance and automatically gain Futurity Points!

This is an awesome opportunity for youth and owners of geldings.
We hope you are able to take advantage of it!

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