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January 24, 2012  

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Help the ILR Celebrate the International Year of the Working Llama! 

The year 2012 has been declared the International Year of the Working Llama. The Australian and New Zealand llama associations have decided to promote the working llamas and have invited the ILR to join their efforts, making this a truly international event! The Australians and New Zealanders are renaming their show categories to honor working llamas and promote the diverse uses that llamas have.

“Working Llamas” is a large category that includes everything from commercial pack llamas to livestock guardians, driving llamas to pet therapy animals, and recreational hiking companions to show ring performance animals. Some of these working llamas are experts in their given career and others are all-around animals that are employed in a variety of categories. Don’t forget, all working llama activities can be entered in the ILR UAP log on the ILR website!

The ILR plans to develop and distribute materials about working llamas and feature events that celebrate the working llama.

Ø      GATHERING DEDICATION – the 2012 International Gathering of Friends and Champions is dedicated to Bobra Goldsmith, Bobra had a love of Working Llamas and an appreciation of the diversity of llamas, and was a lifelong supporter of the llama industry.

Ø      PHOTO CONTEST – send in your photos of Working Llama(s) with a very brief description of the animal and its “job.” Photos will be voted on at the 2012 Gathering of Friends and Champions. Submitted photos may also be used on the ILR website to promote Working Llamas.

§         Photo printed on photo paper (no mat or frame)

§         Size: from 5” x 7”  up to 8 ½” x 10”

§         Description: Brief description of animal and its “job”
on a 3 ½ x 5 note card

§         Mail to ILR office to be received by June 1
(PO Box 8, Kalispell, MT 59901)
OR bring to The Gathering

§         By submitting the photos you agree they are the property of the ILR and can be used for ILR promotion and the promotion of llamas in general.

Ø      WORKING LLAMA CALENDAR – to celebrate working llamas all year long!


Ø      Other ideas to be announced. We appreciate your input for ideas to celebrate Working Llamas!

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