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July 23, 2012  

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PO Box 8
Kalispell, MT 59901
(406) 755-3438

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Make an even BETTER name for our llamas . . .

     Certify those that are very well trained . . .

          Add Certification opportunities to your events!

               We already have many Certifiers on board!

Click Here to check out the ILR site for more
specifics about the program and for a list of
Feel free to contact Debi Garvin at for info too.

Ask the show supers for the shows you will be attending if they will be
offering the opportunity to certify your lamas at their show. Some are!

Here is a short overview of how it works . . .


·        Each level has 8 tasks

·        An “almost or close pass” is a “no pass”

·        We cannot pass animals that do not do the task willingly

·        Scoring is pass/fail – must have an equivalent to a scoring of 10 to pass (refer to CCC docs for pass/fail)

·        Once a task is completed three times, future trials can eliminate that task

·        If external circumstances impact the performance of a task, it can be repeated

·        Certifiers must complete a sign off for each task as they are completed

·        Animals must pass each task three times under two different certifiers on two different days

·        An animal must pass a lower level before proceeding to the next one

·        Owners are responsible for keep their own scoresheets

·        Once scoresheets are complete they are sent into the ILR office with $15.00 and you can print your own certificate; $20 and the office will issue the certificate

·        Animals can only pass one task for events held on the farm on which they live


·        Certifiers may not certify any animal they own or handle

·        Certifiers must be ILR members

·        ILR Judges simply need to read the requirements of CCC and sign off; other certifiers must read, sign and have a recommendation signature from either an ILR judge; ILR Board Member or CCC committee member

·        The ILR office will keep a listing of all certifiers and certification statements


·        Owners are responsible for maintaining their scoresheets

·        Once the scoresheet is sent to ILR, the points will automatically be added to the UAP program

·        Points for the CCC are Level 1 = 5; Level 2 = 10; Level 3 = 15

·        Completion of Level 3 earns the animal a UAP Level of Achievement status

ILR ~ ~ PO Box 8, Kalispell, MT  59903 ~ (406) 755-3438

Remember - Alone we struggle; TOGETHER we thrive!!!