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August 14, 2012  

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Updating your


ILR database

Thanks for updating your herd info
- see how below!

QUESTION: Why should I update my herd info in the ILR database?


Have you ever looked for some information at a place you know should have it and there is nothing to be found?  That is the way lots of people feel when they are searching for records on the ILR database.

This database is designed to provide information to current llama owners, potential new owners and the public in general. The Registry was set up to maintain records on each and every llama in the United States and beyond. In order to maintain that database, the Registry depends on llama people to send them information about their herd, and that includes births, deaths, sales and transfers of all kinds (including gifts, donations to research, etc.)

WOW - there are llamas in our database over 40 years old - according to the records of their birth. Chances are  those llamas are long since deceased and it has never been reported. Maintaining the accuracy of the database is vital to our industry.

Accuracy allows people to check the database for ownership of animals, offspring of a certain animal and the colors or sex of those offspring. This helps potential buyers determine if they want to purchase that genetic line, or perhaps purchase a breeding to a certain stud. Further, this information is available 24/7 to anyone who wants to research the records. Talk about a fantastic tool for marketing!!

It is vital that all llama owners report new crias, deaths of existing llamas and alpacas, transfer of animals, donations of animals, etc. Please take the time to keep our Registry current and accurate. The benefits to everyone are evident and depend on all of us being conscientious in maintaining that accuracy.

The ILR appreciates your cooperation in maintaining the database with accurate and current records.

QUESTION: Is there a place I can go to see my whole herd to update Sold But Not Transferred (SBNT), Deceased and Gelded animals ?

ANSWER: YES - see how below.

1) Log in
2) Click on Common Quick Links tab
3) Click on Herd Information

4) You will see a page as below with your whole herd listed where you can click on Sold but not Transferred, Deceased or Gelded.
5) Click on Submit Changes at the bottom of the page.


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