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January 8, 2013

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 Advantages of ILR Show Division Sanctioned Shows

The ILR Show Division (ILR-SD) is truly a member driven organization: it was developed by elected committee members of the ILR-SD and is overseen by a Governing Board made up of the Chairs of the ILR-SD committees along with the ILR Board of Directors. The organization functions on the following premise:


·        There are no required classes in the ILR-SD and no required obstacles.

·        Show management is encouraged to have classes appropriate to their area and the needs of the exhibitors – members receive points in approved classes, but Show Management can add all the non-point classes they want.

·        Membership is not required to show in ILR-SD shows, but members receive points towards annual and lifetime awards.

·         ILR-SD points are automatically entered into the ILR-SD awards program as well as the ILR Universal Awards Program (ILR-UAP) for members.


·        Show sanctioning fee is $50 per EVENT – same price for multiple shows that day.

·        Free use of ILR ShowManager Online Show software – $50 value.

·        Low per animal fees $3 per head for shows that use ShowManager; $5 per head if the results are submitted on another program.

·        No recording fees for animals – all ILR-SD member animals from ILR-SD sanctioned shows have points recorded in the ILR-SD and the ILR-UAP awards programs.

·        Sanctioned events are listed on the ILR home page, our Event Calendar and in e-Bulletins of upcoming events – that’s free advertising for your show.


·        ShowManager software makes entries easy – simply enter the ILR number – the animal name, age and sex generate automatically; just click the classes you want to enter.

·        ShowManager also creates an overall entry form with stalls, sponsorships, etc. that you can customize for your event! ShowManager also prints a class list for exhibitors and show crew.


·        Show results are posted to the ILR website within a week of being received in the ILR office if submitted in ShowManager, but may take longer if submitted in another format or are incomplete.


·        Creativity is encouraged! Show management can customize the whole event.

·        Photos of the llama can be viewed in the Show Results section on the ILR website – just “mouse over” the ILR number and the photo, pedigree, breeder and owner show up for each entry.

·        ILR-SD points can be viewed on the pedigree page for each animal; the only requirement is ILR-SD membership and you can show any animal you want.

·        Alpacas can be used for youth classes and for Adult Performance classes.

Please consider sanctioning with the ILR Show Division for your next llama show. The complete Guidelines are available online at . Click here for the sanctioning form or contact the ILR office to sanction your show or to obtain more information:  or (406) 755-3438.

ALONE we struggle; TOGETHER we thrive!