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April 17, 2013  

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The Gathering 2013

Support our
"Little Leaguers"
thru the


June 14-16, 2013
Des Moines, IA

No Animal Qualifying - just your paid ILR-SD Membership!

We’re hoping the 2013 Youth Auction is every bit as successful and fun as the original Youth Auction held in 2011.  Through your generosity, there was an enormous number of articles to be purchased by the youth.  Everything from a huge tack box, a Circuiteer, all the way to smaller items – the bidding was intense and everything was going like hot cakes!

So here’s where YOU come in!!!  We want it to be a lot of fun for the Youth which means we have a lot of items for them to purchase and they have a lot of 'play dollars' to purchase it with. That's where we are depending on your donations and purchasing and awarding of 'Gathering Dollars'.  It will be an opportunity for Youth who have earned 'Gathering Dollars' to purchase awesome, fun and crazy items.

If you have something to donate, you can e-mail Matt and Erin Fruits at to let them know what you have. They have graciously agreed to again head up the Youth Auction and would very much appreciate your help in making this a great time for the Youth. The items do not have to be big, IDEAS: used boots, sports items, show clothes, lead ropes, halters, CDs, DVDs, outdoor items, coolers -- be creative and see what you can come up with.

If you would prefer to send real money, Matt and Erin plan on buying auction items with any money they receive. A receipt can be sent for your donation. You will also be able to purchase 'Gathering Dollars' at the Registration table to award youth for jobs well done up to auction time.

Here's an overview of the how the YOUTH GATHERING DOLLARS Auction will work:


1.      Youth receive points for any placings at ILR-SD shows during the 2012 year.

2.      Each point will be $10.00 in ‘Gathering Dollars.’ ‘Gathering dollars’ are NOT real money, but rather “funny money” or “play money.”

3.      If a Pot of Gold animal was used in earning those points – the points will be double value.

4.      Youth can earn extra ‘Gathering Dollars’ at the 2013 Gathering event by volunteering to help at the show in various areas and/or exhibitors or visitors can purchase ‘Gathering Dollars’ at the value to give to youth that they feel are deserving for any reason of receiving those dollars, i.e.: well mannered, well dressed, helpful, friendly, etc. Ratio for purchase would be – $10.00 will purchase $100 in Gathering dollars.

5.      Youth will receive a bonus of $100 ‘Gathering Dollars’ for each youth class they enter at the 2013 Gathering event.

6.      All youth ‘Gathering Dollars’ earned through the previous year will be in the exhibitor packets at the 2013 Gathering event in June of 2013.

7.      Gathering Dollars’ earned will be for youth to purchase donated items at the YOUTH ONLY AUCTION to be held on Saturday evening at the 2013 International Gathering of Friends and Champions.

Anyone wanting to make a donation of an auction item for the Youth Only Auction may do so at the 2013 Gathering event, or in the alternative, people can contact Matt Fruits at (765) 376-0261or to let Matt know of a youth auction item you will be donating and sending and/or bringing to the Gathering.

Once the 2013 event is over, any dollars not spent by the youth will have to be discarded. Points for Gathering Dollars will be calculated effective 1-1-13 for the 2014 Gathering event.

Click HERE to register for The Gathering through ShowManager.

Click HERE for ALL information about The Gathering.

The Gathering - your 2013 "Can't Miss" Event!

Questions - contact Clerk Terry Duespohl
e-mail:    phone: 814-676-0647   

Event Co-Chairs: Kristy Brown & Mary Jo Miller