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March 27, 2013  

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(406) 755-3438

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at the
Third Annual International Gathering
of Friends & Champions

June 14-16, 2013
Iowa State Fairgrounds
3000 East University Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50317

The ILR-SD and the ILR Promotional Committee
want to thank everyone for their support of the
2013 Gathering of Friends and Champions

Your support as a sponsor makes this event possible. 
If you have not pledged or mailed in your sponsorship,
now is the time to do so. 
If you have already mailed in your
you can get started on your entries for the Gathering
online at the ILR website
print out a form to mail- or pdf in. 
Entries received before May 24, 2013,
will be in the show program. 

The final Class Listing will be delivered
to each exhibitor upon check in.


The 2013 Gathering of Friends and Champions
will offer a variety of EVENTS for the participants!


Photo Contest

This year there will be three categories:

1) Cria photos
2) Herdsire photos
3. Fun with llama photos.

See the ILR website regarding contest specifications. All photos become the property of the ILR for promotional purposes.

Mail photos to:

Pam Jensen
Chair, Promotions Committee
S2710 Schlawin Road
Cochrane, WI 54622

OR bring to the Gathering and turn in at the office.

Attendees will be allowed to vote for one (1) in each category. The photo receiving the most votes in each category will receive a prize.

Tastes and Treasures

Again this year we are asking for donations of tasty treats and baked goods, as well as fresh fruit and veggie snacks. These will be sold to the attendees and all proceeds to to the ILR to offset costs related to the Gathering. The Tastes will be available starting on Friday morning.

The Treasures is where people can bring things they no longer have a use for and put on a table where people can claim them for a nominal cost - $2.00 or $5.00 or $10.00. Remember - my junk is someone else's treasure.

Other fun Events

  • Take a chance on guessing the number of llama beans in the jar. Winner will receive a prize. $1.00 per chance to make a guess. 

  • Take a break and join in a game of wiffle ball.  Balls and bats will be provided. Everyone welcome to join in. 

  • Show your friends what a terrific pitcher you are - bean bag toss will allow you to show off and win a prize. Tally sheet will be available to keep track of how many attempts vs how many successful tosses. Winner will receive a prize.

  • Silent Auction - a favorite the last couple of years. We are accepting donations of quality items for our silent auction. Auction will start Thursday afternoon and successful bidders will be announced  Saturday afternoon before the ILR annual membership meeting. The  top 5 or 6 silent auction items will be held back and a live auction of those items will be held Saturday afternoon - Darrell Anderson will be the auctioneer. 

  • There will be an auction for theme baskets.  These may or not be baseball related theme baskets, but all will be special baskets with lots of special items in them. They will be on display for all to look at and determine which one they want to bid on. Auctioneer will again be Darrell Anderson.

  • The Youth ONLY auction will be held again this year. Please bring along any items you want to donate to the youth auction.  They can be turned in at the office upon your arrival. The Youth can buy things at the Youth ONLY auction with Gathering Dollars that they have earned during the year and at the Gathering.

  • Attendees will be given the opportunity to win a prize for completing a "hand" of  LLAMA CARDS.  Each llama card will have a picture of a llama on it, ie;  The Hermenator - get a complete hand of 5 cards with the same colored boarder and bring it to the office to be eligible to get a prize. The cards will be available in the Vendor area and must be to be initialed by the vendor you get it from. Five lucky people will receive prizes. While you are in the Vendor area, be sure to check out what they have for sale - lots of nice items will be available for your inspection and purchase.

  • And for the young at heart and dog lovers - we are going to have a farm/barn dog contest. There are lots of people that bring their special dog(s) along to shows.  So, during the lunch break on Saturday, all those wanting to enter their special friend in the contest - come to the arena and for a mere $5.00 enter the contest. We will have the audience pick the winner with their applause in the categories of: cutest dog, biggest dog, smallest dog, best tail wagger, and any other category we can dream up. Naturally, the dog is the winner and will be rewarded appropriately with dog biscuits that fit their age, size and tastes.

Click HERE for complete 2013 Gathering information.

Questions - contact Clerk Terry Duespohl
e-mail:    phone: 814-676-0647   

Event Co-Chairs: Kristy Brown & Mary Jo Miller