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June 17, 2013  

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Are you aware of our NO CHARGE option
to have us store your sample and
to have the DNA run when / if you want it done?


Use the ILR office to store your DNA sample (no fee).
It will not be run until you authorize us to do so.

Some people DNA all of their animals and have DNA proven parentage for their cria. Others do not. Here are a few questions that might be helpful for you to determine if you want to have DNA run or stored for any of your animals.

Q: When might you need DNA testing on an animal?

A: Possible reasons are:

1) If someone wants to purchase an animal and requests parental verification.

2) If some of the 'boys' get out and you don't know who the daddy is.

3) A llama dies and you'd like to have a stored sample in case you ever want that animal's DNA.

Q: When is DNA testing required?

1) After a stud sires 9 cria, DNA is required for that 10th and more cria.

2) If you use a male for more than two outside breedings, DNA is required for the third+ outside breedings.

It doesn't cost you more than your postage to have us store a fiber sample for you.
If you prefer doing DNA testing with a blood sample, you'll also have the cost of the
FTA cards which you can purchase from us at $3.50 each or $3.00 each in batches of 10 or more. Overall, it's minimal no matter which way you do it.

DNA sample can be submitted either as a blood sample on an FTA card or a fiber sample.
Click HERE for Sample Instructions.

The sample will not be run, unless you request it to be run (at your cost), but will be kept in storage in case it is ever needed.


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A Llama without a pedigree is just another llama!