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August 12, 2013  

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Did you know . . .? Helpful Hints

As part of our education service, the ILR is seeking input from members regarding Helpful Hints for llama owners. We all have figured out cool things about llamas and critical information about them that others may not know.  After we've compiled a list, these hints will be disseminated with the routine e-Bulletins we send out from the ILR office. 

If you have any tips, tricks or other ideas you would like to share with other llama owners, please send them to board member Kathi McKinney by e-mail ( to put in our database to draw from for our e-Bulletins. 

Here are a few 'Did You Know . . .? Helpful Hints' to get you started on thinking about yours:


  • you can us discarded llama wool as a weed barrier in gardens.

  • you can use llama wool for insulation in barns and other outbuildings.

  • you can make great and inexpensive houseplant fertilizer with one cup of llama beans in a gallon jug filled with water. The jug can be refilled 10 times.

  • placing two poles in the ground about 3 feet apart and 3 - 4 feet from a fence makes a very economical chute for shearing, clipping toes, etc.

  • baking soda on poop piles cuts down smell and hovering flies.  Bi Carb (as feed stores call it) can be purchased at most Feed and Grain stores in 50 lb. bags.

It's great to be part of a TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More!