July 10, 2012  

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SUBJECT: ILR Board Members - How We Got Interested in Llamas




“No one can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can
start today and make a new ending”                               

The ILR Board held their elections for officers for the next year and has realigned the Division assignments.  We want to announce these new positions and to share with you how we got interested in owning llamas. We hope you enjoy learning more about the leadership of your organization and hope you will share what got you started with llamas. We invite you to share what got you interested in llamas with us and we can share the information in future e-VISIONS.

President: Mary Jo Miller – Show Division (ILR-SD)

We discovered llamas by visiting the llama farm of my husband Larry’s employer who was established in breeding and nationally showing llamas.   We visited their farm and immediately fell in love with their majesty, temperament and ease in housing and maintenance.   That was in 1987.   We took 2 years to investigate llamas, visit farms for ideas on fencing, barns, feed, training etc.   In 1989 we purchased our first two.   One of which we just lost this past year.  Since Larry and I met showing horses , it was a natural transition to another species of livestock.  Our journey into the world of llamas has been incredible.  Llamas have blessed us with their calm nature and intelligence as the llama community has blessed us with so many special friends & experiences.  

Vice-President: Kristy Brown – Show Division (ILR-SD)

My first exposure to llamas was in 1984 at the Denver National Stock Show. A little girl with pig-tails walked a big black llama towards us and handed me a business card. She said this was the “daddy llama” at their farm and if I had any “mommy llamas” at home I should call her dad so they could meet. I didn’t know if I was more impressed by the guys marketing plan or by the fact the llama was so gentle and manageable. I bought my first llama in 1994 as a sheep guard and my first breeding females in 1997 and, as the old saying goes, the rest is history. We sold the sheep and beef cattle and now focus our energies on the llamas.

Secretary: Bill Safreed registry Division

We first saw llamas in 1994 at our county fair where the state organization (ORVLA) was having a fun show and exhibition of llamas. I wanted to see the antique tractor pull but Marie wanted to see the llamas first. We were so captivated that we never did get to the tractor pull. We went back to the fair show the following year and decided to walk a llama and talk with some of the exhibitors about them. We both has some livestock showing background through 4-H and open shows, in fact I first met Marie as she was sitting on a tack box at a county fair where she was helping some neighbors show and take care of their dairy cows. We decided llamas were a perfect fit for us and got our first two llamas in 1996 and had five by the end of that year. We've met so many great friends through llama shows and events that is about the extent of our social life now.


Stay tuned for Part 2.....

Alone we struggle; TOGETHER we thrive!