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ILR Incentive Fund Objectives:

  1. To establish a strong rapport and bring good will to the greater llama community and locations where llamas are shared.

  2. To showcase the Diversity and Versatility of Llamas.

  3. To educate people about the International Lama Registry and the wonderful world of llamas.

The ILR Incentive Fund (IF)

(Download the IF Form & Fee Schedules PDF)  ( Click here to see Incentive Fund Payouts )

The purpose of the ILR Incentive Fund is to provide an additional reason for llama owners to exhibit their animals in the show arena.  The ILR Incentive Fund pays cash dividends for Universal Award points earned by nominated llamas in the show arena.

    – Help offset the cost of showing
    – Make your llamas more marketable
    – Add value to your animals

Points earned will be tabulated from all ILR-UAP open halter, performance, walking fleece, and adult showmanship classes (all UAP show arena classes except group and youth classes). (Click here for Points Reference Chart)

Herd Sires are nominated on an annual basis. Offspring of nominated herd sires are eligible for lifetime enrollment.

Nomination fees paid annually. Payouts are based on the total number of point-earning llamas enrolled in the program and the number of points earned by those llamas in a given year.

    – Herd Sire nominator receives 20%
    – Offspring nominator receives 10%
    – Offspring’s  recorded owner receives 70%.

Click here to see current Incentive Fund Payouts

IF Specifics


  1. Herdsires must be nominated annually
    1. Fees
      1. Base Fee of $100 per offspring (with a maximum of $500 for 5 or more offspring).
    2. Eligible offspring
      1. Offspring born in the calendar year in which the sire is a nominated sire in the ILR-IF program are eligible to be enrolled in the ILR-IF program.
    3. Payout
      1. Herdsire nominator receives 20% of offspring earnings


  1. Offspring are enrolled once for life
    1. Offspring with a nominated sire.
      1. $100
    2. Offspring without a nominated sire
      1. $250
    3. Payoff
      1. Offspring’s enroller receives 10% of earnings
      2. Offspring’s recorded owner receives 70% of earnings
      3. All offspring enrolled in the ILR-IF program will be designated in the ILR database as participating in the ILR-IF program.


Benefits for Nominated Herd Sires

  1. Potential earnings from offspring points – 20% of all offspring winnings.
  2. Advertising potential – nominated herd sires are listed in Herd Sire Row on the ILR website and identified as being paid up in the ILR-IF program. Links to their animal information and a link to the nominator’s homepage will be included. Advertising in other venues could/should also include the notation that the sire is nominated into the ILR-IF program.
  3. The ILR-IF earnings for participating herd sires will become part of the herd sires’ records on the ILR website.
  4. Experience from other species which use this type of program demonstrate that offspring of nominated herd sires bring a premium in the selling price and/or a marketing edge because the offspring are eligible to earn cash from placing in the show arena.
  5. Nominating a herd sire should increase the value of outside breedings because the offspring of females bred to nominated herd sires may bring a premium in the selling price and/or a marketing edge. Just the increased value of outside breedings may allow the owner to recoup the costs of their ILR-IF investment.

Benefits for Breeding Females

  1. Breeding to a nominated herd sire may increase the value of the cria because the cria are eligible for the program and should bring a premium in the selling price and/or a marketing edge.
  2. Breeding to a nominated herd sire will provide you with the opportunity to enroll the cria for a low rate at the same time you register it. Even if you choose to sell the offspring, you will remain its IF enroller and receive 10% of its program earnings for life.
  3. The ILR-IF earnings for all ILR-IF females will become part of the females’ permanent records on the ILR website. In addition, we will track and post the earnings of all the participating offspring of all females and post the cumulative earnings on the ILR website.

Benefits for Enrolled Offspring

  1. The current owner of enrolled offspring will receive 70% of any IF earnings of that llama over its lifetime.
  2. The ILR registration papers and the ILR website will clearly show that the llama in question is participating in the IF program. This may increase the market value of the llama because they will have money earning potential for their entire lifetime.

 Industry Benefits

  1. The ILR-IF program should encourage llama owners to show their llamas more often and to show them for more years because they have the potential of receiving cash for any points earned in the show arena.

The time is now to Nominate and Enroll your animals in the ILR Incentive Fund!