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The International Lama Registry
is happy to announce that the
Alpaca Division of the ILR has been reopened.

TWO HIGHLIGHTS you'll read about below:

  • only DNA test your breeding stock
  • we will register ET cria


For those of you who are relatively new to lamas, you may be interested to learn that the ILR was established in1985 and was named with only one L in the name because we registered all species of lamas – llamas, alpacas and guanacos as well as vicuna crosses. The ILR continued registering all lamas until 1995, and, during that period of time, was the only alpaca registry in the United States.

In 1995, a group of alpaca owners formed the Alpaca Registry Incorporated (ARI) and purchased the existing alpaca data from the ILR. The ILR continued processing alpaca registrations for the ARI through 2003 when ARI established an independent office. The processing agreement between the ILR and the ARI included a 'non-compete' clause that ran for seven years, expiring at the end of December, 2010.

Because there are a large number of quality alpacas in North America who can not be registered with any other registry, the ILR Board of Directors has decided to reopen the Alpaca Division of the ILR. They have decided to utilize the basic rules that were in effect in 1995 with a few modifications that take into account the current state of the economy and the alpaca community.



1)   A currently unregistered alpaca can once again be accepted into the ILR Alpaca Division with a completed application form and a certification from a veterinarian that the alpaca has passed the necessary defect screening. The alpaca must be microchipped and the application must include a DNA sample (either an FTA card or a rootball sample). But that sample only needs to be run when you desire to register the first cria of that animal.

2)   The defect screening will not be required for alpacas with two registered parents (from any alpaca registry). We will enter the complete genealogy of the alpaca as provided by the owner. Although a DNA sample will be required with each application and both parents must be parent verified by DNA, the DNA of the cria will not need to be run. Instead, the sample can be placed in storage and available for processing at any time it is desired.

3)   Alpaca cria that are the result of embryo transfer (ET) or artificial insemination (AI) will be accepted by the ILR Alpaca Division. Parent verification of the cria by DNA will be required for the registration of ET and AI cria.

Check out the Alpaca Registration Frequently Asked Questions document for more specifics.

In a nutshell:

Registration – can be online or through the mail – ILR, PO Box 8, Kalispell, MT  59901

Cost – alpacas of any age will be registered for the current fee in place. In 2011 it began with a base price of $25 or $20 for ILR members.

DNA – DNA samples, either fiber samples or FTA cards, are required with the registration application but will be placed in storage at no charge to the owner if desired. Before a cria can be registered, both parents must be parent verified by DNA. This will save the owner the expense of running the DNA for alpacas that will not be used for breeding. The cost for running DNA is $35 but if parent verification is run at the same time as the alpaca is registered, the fee for running the DNA profile is reduced to $30 for the cria. If one or both parents do not have DNA profiles on file, the $35 fee will be assessed for each parent requiring a DNA profile.

Individual Identification – Microchips are required. Photos are optional and can be submitted online. Photos of the alpaca can be updated online at any time by the owner. (Genealogies are available online and good photos are a helpful tool when prospective buyers go the alpaca's animal record to research the genealogy.)

ILR memberships are available at: ../registry-services/membership-application.php

Rules – a more complete set of rules are available at: ../registry-services/registration-requirements.php

Screening – the screeing procedure is available at: ../registry-services/screen-form-and-procedures.php

Questions – If you have questions, feel free to contact the ILR office at (406) 755-3438 or