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Registration and Listing Fees
Registration Form Directions
Naming Rules
Photograph Requirements
ILR Office Address and Telephone Numbers

Registration and Listing Fees

For a complete list of fees contact the ILR and request a copy of the 'Policies and Bylaws'.

Click here for FEES.

Directions & Tips for the Online Form

The Online Registration Form is a fully capable web based registration system under certain circumstances. If you can sign for all the verifying llama information on the registration form:

     Owner of dam at conception
     Owner of sire at conception
     Owner of cria at the time of birth
     Owner of cria at the time of registration

You can use the online registration system to fill out your paperwork and upload photographs of your llama. To complete the registration process, you may prepay with your Master Card or Visa by adding money to your ILR account through the website. If we do not want to pay via the website, you can mail a check or money order, or you can call the ILR office and provide payment information to an operator - 406-755-3438.)

If you cannot sign for all 4 verifications above, you can still use the online form to fill out your llama information. The form can then be printed on your own printer. The form you print will, in most cases, indicate the signatures that you need to obtain. You will then need to mail in the completed form (with all 4 signatures), photographs and appropriate fees. You can also download and print the Paper Registration Form PDF

In several places you'll see drop down menus like the following:

Simply click on the arrow or in the window and the menu appears. On long menus note the slider bar on the right that allows you to scroll up or down to your desired choice. Just click on your choice and it will appear in the window. Then click anywhere else on the form and the dark coloration will disappear. You can change your choices as many times as you like.

Drop down menus contain single key stroke shortcuts. To see the single key stroke shortcuts on any pull down menu, take note of the first letter of each selection.

If you cannot submit electronically, print at least 2 copies, one to send to the ILR office and another for your records. If you are submitting electronically, print a single copy for your records.

We hope this form proves useful. Please let us know if you experience problems. Remember to include your payment and the required photos when you mail your registration form.

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Naming Rules

Any name beginning with a letter or digit and having 35 or fewer characters

(including punctuation and spaces) is acceptable with the following conditions:

Try the Name Search to be sure the name you want is not already taken.

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Photograph Requirements

Registrations without proper photos are not acceptable.

Regular Color Print Photograph Requirements

Digital Requirements

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International Lama Registry Address and Telephone Numbers

Post Office Box (general mail)
ILR Voice: 406-755-3438
PO Box 8 Fax: 406-755-3439
Kalispell, MT 59903 Email:
Physical Location (courier - FedEx, UPS, USPS Express, etc.)
11 1/2 S. Meridian Rd.  
Kalispell, MT 59901