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ILR Universal Awards Program Mission Statement:

 The purpose of the ILR Universal Awards Program is to give ILR members the opportunity to
add value to their llamas by awarding points for participation in a wide variety of llama activities.
It is the intention that this award program enhance existing llama organizations by increasing
awareness, excitement and participation by recognizing those who actively use their llamas.

ILR Universal Awards Program Objectives:

  1. To establish a strong rapport and bring good will to the greater llama community and locations where llamas are shared.

  2. To showcase the Diversity and Versatility of Llamas.

  3. To educate people about the International Lama Registry and the wonderful world of llamas.

Be recognized on the ILR website.

Accumulate points toward various awards in the UAP and Show Division in the Halter and Performance classes:

ILR Certificate of Achievement (COA) - 25 points

ILR Certificate of Excellence (COE) - 40 points

ILR Certificate of Championship (COC) & Trophy

- 40 points and 4 Grand Championships
- 40 points and 3 Grand Championships and 2 Reserve Grands

Awards are being considered for Fleece, Showmanship, Produce of Dam, Get of Sire

The ILR-UAP for Youth:

ILR Youth Members can earn points for many activities involving llamas:

  • Participating in parades
  • Visiting nursing homes
  • School programs
  • 4-H and FFA participation
  • Organized packing events
  • Pack Trials
  • Driving
  • Showing in Youth Performance
  • . . . and More - if there isn't a specific category, you can document what you do with your llamas under Public Relations!

Annual High Point Awards

Year-End Top Ten Awards in a variety of categories.



You can record your involvement with your llamas through the ILR Members' page  ( click here for the "UAP Activity Log" ). Points are awarded to the llamas involved and to the Youth participants (click here for Points Reference Chart).


  1. Date of Activity

  2. Name of Event (if applicable)

  3. Location of Event

  4. Handler ID# if a Youth (under 18 years of age)

  5. Description of the Event

  6. Name and ILR # of Llama(s) involved

  7. A Photo of the llama in the event or Name and Contact info for someone who can verify the activity.


In order to have the points recorded for involvement in ILR sanctioned shows and shows using ShowManager, the show superintendent must submit the complete results from the show to the ILR office. Ideally they are entered into ShowManager but, if ShowManager was not used, a spreadsheet can be sent via e-mail to, and results for ILR members will be recorded AUTOMATICALLY. Please do not enter this information into the UAP Activity Log.

You enter the information for all other activities including Open and ALSA show results into the UAP Activity Log.