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To screen your lama, submit the following information to the International Lama Registry (ILR) with a request for screening and the appropriate fees. Your information will be forwarded to the screening committee which at this time is comprised of the ILR Board of Directors. Allow ninety (90) days for the screening to be completed. Inaccurate information or incomplete applications may result in additional processing time.

A. If the lama is not already Listed with the ILR, List it by sending in a registration / listing application with the appropriate listing fee.

B. When the lama is Listed, is at least 24 months old, and has not been screened before, your animal is eligible for screening following the requirements below:

a. MICROCHIP implanted at the base of the animal’s left ear.

b. PHYSICAL EXAMINATION FORM completed by your veterinarian to include microchip number :
      Llama -
      Alpaca -

c. SIGNED STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS document from your veterinarian to include: his / her alma mater, degree, general experience and experience with lamas.

(if not already completed) done for the lama being screened. You may use FTA cards or root ball sample methods. Forms and procedures can be obtained from the ILR website— (Click Here)

e. PHOTOS— (not required for alpacas) thirteen (13) photos of lama being screened taken. Click on this link to connect to photos examples of photos needed

– Photos should be taken with the animal standing on a bare, solid, and level surface.
– Acceptable photos
• 4”x 6” or 3 1/2” x 5” prints mailed to the ILR office
• unenhanced good quality digital files can be e-mailed to
• Photo List

1. Head from front w/ ears up
2. Head profile – RIGHT
3. Head profile – LEFT
4. Full body – FRONT
5. Full body – REAR
6. Full body – RIGHT side
7. Full body – LEFT side
8. Rear shot with tail lifted
9. Bite – side w/ lips open
10. Legs – right or left side FRONT
11. Legs – right or left side BACK
12. Legs – FRONT
13. Legs – REAR

f. APPLICATION FOR DOMESTIC SCREENING submitted to the ILR office with the above information— P.O. Box 8, Kalispell, MT 59903 Click on the link below for the form:

g. The PHENOTYPIC CHARACTERISTICS EVALUATION FORM used by the screeners can be checked out as an FYI at the link below:

NOTE: Cria of screened llamas are eligible for registration.

Updated: March 30, 2011