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Breeder Identifier

Your Breeder Identifier may be used only in names of lamas you breed. Some owners use their Breeder Identifier in the names of every lama they breed; others use them only when necessary to make names acceptable; and some use their Breeder Identifier only with superior breeding stock. A Breeder Identifier can be reserved for your exclusive use for a $50 fee. (see Breeder Identifier Application Form)

The ILR does not reserve ranch or business names as such, so there could be another ranch or business with the same name as yours.

Your Breeder Identifier will use up some of the 35 characters allotted for each lama's name. This means that short Breeder Identifiers will give you more leeway in choosing the remainder of the name.

Certain words such as 'black', 'llama', 'princess', and 'Nevada', are deemed too common to be used as single-word Breeder Identifiers. For example, 'BLACK MTN' could be used, but not simply 'BLACK.' The Registrar may exercise judgment to determine whether a particular Breeder Identifier is appropriate, or whether a particular name infringes on another owner's Breeder Identifier or protected name.

The following example suggests the range of protection afforded by a reserved Breeder Identifier; If you reserve 'RIDGE' as a Breeder Identifier, then other owners may not use RIDGE's, RIDGE LLAMAS, RIDGE FARM, or RIDGE RANCH at the beginning or ending of the names of their lamas. Other owners may, however, use any of these phrases in the names of their ranches. Your reservation of 'RIDGE' would not prevent other owners from using such phrases as RED RIDGE, ROCKY RIDGE, and RIDGE VIEW as their Breeder Identifiers.

You may use a Breeder Identifier without reserving it. However, with this practice you do risk having your Breeder Identifier reserved by someone else, especially if your Breeder Identifier is a common word. Two- and three-letter Breeder Identifiers are particularly vulnerable if they end in 'F', 'L', or 'R' (since these are the initial letters of 'farm', 'llamas', and 'ranch' respectively).

If you are not willing to pay the $50.00,  you have several options: 1) select very distinctive names for your lamas, 2) use your owner code as a Breeder Identifier, or 3) create an unusual Breeder Identifier that other owners are unlikely to use. For example, FENI and BIOTA are two well-chosen Breeder Identifiers currently in use which apparently need no reservation.

Some examples of reserved Breeder Identifiers are the following: 3R, BELL-R, CIR, CANYON COUNTRY, FANTASY'S, GNLC, HIDDEN HILLS, J&J'S, KOLOB, M&M'S, PAL'S, PATCH, PL, SAHALE, SBF, SILVER STATE, SLL, TIMERLINE'S VON TR.

If you feel you understand the scope of the ILR Breeder Identifier, continue by filling out the Breeder Identifier Reservation Form. Type in all information, print on your printer and sign on the appropriate line. Mail to the ILR at the address given on the form with the appropriate fee enclosed.

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