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The Application for
Registration/Listing Overview

•  Obtain an 'ILR Request for Registration / Listing Form' for each llama you would like to register OR complete the ILR Online Registration. You can obtain a printable PDF form the website ( Click Here ) or by contacting the ILR by email or by calling the ILR at 406-755-3438.

•  Provide your name and all contact information requested. Please include the name of the second owner if this llama is to be registered jointly. Your owner code is very important, please be accurate. If you are not yet a member of the ILR leave the Owner Code space blank.

• Only provide an Registration Number if you are using a reserved number.

• Choose a name beginning with a letter or digit with no more than 35 characters including punctuation and spaces. See Naming Rules. Names must differ by at least one letter from all other registered llama names and must not infringe on another breeder's identifier or protected names (no longer allowed). Name searches are available on the ILR website (, or by contacting the office directly at (406) 755-3438.

• Complete all the animal information.

• Please indicate whether you are sending an FTA card for DNA analysis or storage. See DNA Analysis.

• Complete the Sire and Dam information of the llama being registered. If the sire has more than 9 cria registered, or this is an outside breeding (different owners of the sire and the dam at the time of conception), you will need to provide the DNA case number of the sire for registration.

• You must include right and left side color photographs - (3 1/2 x 5 or 4x6) of the llama being registered with no other animals in the photograph. No Polaroid or instant photos accepted. See Photograph Requirements. Print name of the animal, owner, and owner code on the back of each photograph. For online registration you can upload photographs in jpg format only if you qualify for all required signatures.

• You must obtain all appropriate signatures:

1) owner of dam at time of breeding
2) owner of sire at time of breeding
3) owner of dam at time of birth
4) owner of cria at time of birth

If you do not know the ownership at the time of breeding, give us a call before sending in the application and delaying your registration process.