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Please use this form to order supplies or information pamphlets from the ILR Office. All ILR supplies and forms are provided without charge. Most forms can be obtained immediately by clicking on the title, as there are web site versions for your convenience. 

The informational pamphlets, previously available through the ILA, can be mailed to you at a nominal charge. If you wish to download the Adobe PDF format pamphlets and print your own, you are welcome to do so by clicking on the title of the pamphlet you desire.  A window will pop up with the desired pamphlet. To come back to this form, just close the pamphlet page when done.

Thank you!

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Business Forms Quantity Title
  ILR Policies and Procedures
  ILR Agent Authorization Form
  ILR Membership Mailing Lists, Agreement for the use of
  ILR Breeder Identifier Packet
  ILR Confirmation of Ownership Form
  ILR Farms, Ranches and Services Application Form
  ILR Lost Document Replacement Request
  ILR Registration Forms (Printable PDF) ILR Registration Forms
  ILR Registration Instructions Overview
DNA Analysis Material Quantity Title


FTA Gene Card(s) 
There is a $ per card, or 10 for $, charge for FTA Gene Cards - an operator will contact you concerning method of payment
  ILR DNA Analysis Information Packet
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Impact Studies
  #12 - Comparing Forage Selection & Evaluating Trampling impacts of Horse & Llamas in Wilderness and Backcountry Meadow - Heidi A. Schantz   $4.00 each
  #13 - Hiker, horse and llama trampling effects on native vegetation in Montana, USA - D.N. Cole / D.R. Spildie  
$1.00 each
  #14 - Influence of Llama, Horse, and Foot Traffic on Soil Erosion From Established Recreation Trails in Western Montana - Wm. A. Patterson IV  $3.00 each
  #15 - Evaluating Trampling Impacts of Horses and Llamas in Wilderness and Backcountry Meadows - E. Krumpe / H. Schantz $1.00 each
  #18 - Impacts of Llamas as Hiking Companions  
  #19 - The Social Impacts and Management of Llamas as Recreation Packstock - Kari K. Smith  $2.00 each



  Llama Cookbook (not available online) - SPECIAL $10
  #17 - Guard Llama Guidelines: Recommendations for Selection and Placement of Guardian Llamas  $ .50 each

  #2 - Guard Llama   $ .50 each
  #3 - Llama Facts for New Owners  $ .50 each
  #4 - Llama Medical Management  $ .50 each
  #5 - Llama Housing and Fencing   $ .50 each
  #6 - Feeding Camelid   $ .50 each
  #7 - Llama Herd Management  $ .50 each
  #8 - So You Want to be a Llama Mama  $ .50 each
  #9 - Llama Fiber   $ .50 each
  #10 - Packing with Llamas  $ .50 each
  #11 - Heat Stress in Llamas  $ .50 each

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